12 Awesome Science Activities for Halloween All Kids Will Love

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Halloween is only a few weeks away! Try these super fun science experiments in your classroom to get in the Halloween spirit. Your kids will love them!

1. Pumpkin Volcano

Pouring baking soda into pumpkinVia: The Resourceful Mama

Bakin soda erupting out of pumpkin like a white volcanoVia: The Resourceful Mama

This super-fun and super-easy activity will leave all your students erupting with joy! Go check out the full instructions at The Resourceful Mama’s blog.

2. Self Inflating Ghost Balloon

Small white balloons inflated on top of small water bottles looking like ghostsVia: Mama Smiles

Deflated white balloon with ghost face drawn on, on top of half full water bottleVia: Mama Smiles

All you’ll need for this science experiment is a balloon, an empty bottle, vinegar and baking soda! The balloon will go from flat to fully inflated in less than a second. So much fun! Go check out the full instructions at Mama Smiles, and make sure to watch her demo video.

3. Mad Scientist Potion

All you need for this mad scientist potion is a large glass jar, colorful drinks, and some dry ice! Check out Our Best Bites‘ tutorial, and have a fun Halloween party!

4. Monster Stew Slime

Little girl playing with green yellow slimeVia: No Time for Flashcards

What could be more fun than monsters & slime! This easy slime recipe will be a mess, but the memories will make it totally worth it! Watch the full tutorial here.

5. Haunted Halloween Hand Melt

See through gloves filled with colorful slime, and ugly looking bugs/Halloween stuffVia: Happy Hooligans

All you’ll need for this scary, ugly hand is: water, food coloring, surgical gloves, Halloween Dollar Store items, and twisty ties. It’s both awesome and gross, at the same time. Check out the full tutorial here.

6. What is Blood Made Of?

Bucket filled with red slimy balls and white ping-pong balls, kids hands playing with itVia: I Can Teach My Child

What better of an opportunity than Halloween to teach the composition of blood! The kids will love this sensory activity and will learn a valuable science lesson. What you need: a large bin, ping pong balls, water, red craft foam and red water beads. Head over to I Can Teach My Child, for the full instructions.

7. Spooky Eruptions


This amazing looking activity is a big hit in the classroom. What you need: containers, baking soda, black powdered tempera, black beans, lemon juice, food color/kool-aid. Go check out the different steps here!

8. Flying Ghost Rockets

Ghost rockets_ see through cups flying like ghostsVia: Growing a Jeweled Rose

These flying ghost rockets are SO MUCH FUN! All you need is corn starch, water, Alka-seltzer, film canisters, and a black marker. Check out the full instructions at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

9. Vampire & Fake Snot Slime


Every kid goes crazy for slime. We’ve found the perfect combination of disgusting and fun, and your kids will love it!

10. Play Brain Surgeon

Play does brainVia: Left Brain Craft Brain

White play doe brain with surgeon plastic toolsVia: Left Brain Craft Brain

Brain made out of iceVia: Left Brain Craft Brain

Play brain surgeon, with play-dough, slime or ice and salt. Guaranteed success in the classroom, and serves as a great lesson about the different parts of the brain! Head over to Left Brain Craft Brain for the tutorial, and check out their other awesome crafty resources!

11. Rabid Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins with green and blue lava coming out of mouthVia: Growing a Jeweled Rose

All you need is a pumpkin, some food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar! Head over Growing a Jeweled Rose for the full tutoring!

12. Witch’s Brew


So simple, this awesome magic potion requires some dry ice, a punch bowl, and the juice of your choice! My Delightful Days used some green Hawaiian punch, which came out perfect for a Halloween party!

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