20 Fun Hacks to End the School Year on A High Note

end of year hacks

You’ve spent 180 (plus) long days working on lesson plans, getting to know your students, and working towards the common goal of developing your students for the next level! As the year comes to an end, there are a lot of things to celebrate. Take some time to send your kids off with a little fun while also prepping yourself for next year with these end-of-year hacks!

1. End the Year with a Bang!

This sweet way to honor each kid gives the class something to look forward to, honors each child in a special way, and recaps great memories you’ve made! A real practice in joy during the dog days of almost-summer.


2. Kids in Training

 I love this motivational tactic for the tinier crowd. Nothing helps get you to the end of the year like the promise of moving up a grade!


3. It Takes a Village

Taking time to thank your team (PLC, teammates, librarians, front office staff, nurses, custodians, facilitators, cafeteria staff…the list goes on!) can be a really meaningful way to end the year. More often than not, some of these people are overlooked during Teacher Appreciation week so giving them a little acknowledgement before summer goes a long way!


4. Make Moving a Bit More Manageable

Moving classrooms is the worst–but it doesn’t have to be. This post has some great advice–especially about ditching materials you haven’t used in a few years. And don’t be that person who just leaves it behind…no one wants to throw away your test booklets from 2001.


5. A Friendly Reminder

It never hurts to acknowledge that everyone is a little burnt out but the year isn’t over yet. This is a cute visual reminder of classroom expectations.


6. Leave Some Advice

Now that your students have mastered your class, it’s time to let them pass on that knowledge–and get a jumpstart on next year’s back-to-school decor!


7. Pass the Plate

End-of-year keepsakes don’t have to cost a fortune. Cheap paper plates become a sweet memento during this “pass the plate” activity. 


8. Summer Bucket List

A great idea to keep your students writing even when they are thinking about summer plans!


9. Social Sharing

This cute activity allows kids to reflect on what went well during the school year. Often, the pressure of testing can make the end of the year feel super stressful and this a great confidence booster geared towards social media-minded students!


10. Get outside–and cross-curricular!

Any idea that gets your team outside is a winner! This chalk writing activity merges English and Social Studies standards while stretching legs and getting student’s a healthy dose of Vitamin D. This could easily be adapted for all subject areas!


11. Reflect on Your Practice

Good teachers know what they do well and also accept that change is inevitable. A great way to take the pulse of your course is to allow students to complete a reflection sheet or survey before the last day. Allowing them to reflect anonymously would likely get you the most honest feedback!


12. Pen Pals, Please!

I love the idea of keeping in touch and I think this activity would work well for students of all ages. For many students, it would mean a lot to stay in touch with a trusted teacher. Use the school address or your email address for added privacy!


13. Get Moving!

Taking the time to stretch and get out some wiggles can ward off the testing blues. 


14. Totally Unfair Review Game!

I love this unique take on a review game. Students will be laughing and–more importantly–totally engaged, as this unfolds!


15. Personal Space Bubble

Honestly, when you have a couple dozen kids in a classroom, you’re bound to need a little space towards the end. Limit the squabbles and distractions with this cute hula hoop hack. 


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Fun hacks to end the school year on a high note

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I am a Southern gal, mama to two kids (8 years and 6 months) and I have been teaching middle school for over 7 years. I love to go hiking or read a book in my free time. My favorite part of teaching is connecting with kids over things beyond just academics--teenagers are awesome!

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