21 Ingenious Ways to Use Sticky Notes in the Classroom

There’s no doubt that teachers have a special relationship with flair pens, but there is also so much to be said for the versatile sticky-note. Sticky notes can be used in classroom management systems, to help organize both students’ and teachers’ everyday lives, and can promote positivity in the classroom. Move over flair pens, sticky notes are getting a piece of teachers’ hearts now! 

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Here are 21 clever ways to use sticky notes in and around the classroom.

1. Provide discussion points for tables

2. Share quotes with one another to inspire positivity 

In this “Keep the Quote” activity, students write down and share inspiring quotes, then teachers choose one per week to showcase and discuss.

3. Create checklists for students

4. Create a mental health check board

A mental health check bulletin board allows students to let you know where they’re at each day. It’s such a simple concept that’ll have a long-lasting impact on your students.

5. Review behavior expectations in this management game

Each time a student is caught displaying one of the behaviors in your sticky note chart, remove the note. When all notes are removed, the class earns a reward.

6. Create a sticky note shout out board!

7. Hand out positive messages around school

8. Check in with students’ reading engagement

9. Teach vocabulary and character traits

When students find evidence of a trait in a book, they can write it down on a sticky note and paste it on the poster. The class can then compare and contrast characters!

10. Encourage goal setting

11. Make your very own “Get it Done” frame

12. Create a sticky note chart reviewing manipulative expectations

Using sticky note anchor charts provides the opportunity for students to participate in making the chart as they stick the notes on themselves. Reference back to this chart as often as needed!

13. Make homework trackers to foster independence

14. Learn more about your students with this creative jar

Via: @thecalmishteacher

15. Play a round of Memory using sticky notes

16. Review what kindness looks, sounds, tastes, and feels like

17. Give writing reminders for our aspiring authors

18. Try a sticky note gratitude board

Mix it up a bit and store the gratitude journals away this year. Swap them out with a sticky note board that is sure to excite students!

19. Use a sticky note rubric scale

Simply circle the number grade and stick to the assignment!

20. Make reward coupons to motivate students!

21. Use this ice cream scoop classroom management system

Every time a student is complimented in the hallways, write the compliment on a sticky note and stick it on a scoop. When the scoops are filled, the class earns a reward!

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Sticky notes can be used in an endless amount of ways to enhance student engagement AND organize a teacher’s life! They are truly a teacher’s best friend and deserve all the recognition possible.

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20 Ingenious Ways to Use Sticky Notes in the Classroom

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