24 Clever Teacher Hacks For Distance Learning You’ll Want to Try

24 Clever Teacher Hacks For Distance Learning You'll Want to Try

The transition into distance learning isn’t the easiest of tasks, but thanks to social media, teachers all over are sharing what’s working best for them. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the most helpful tips & tricks out there!

1. Improvise a tripod with a sturdy base and some elastics

2. Make sure the rules are set in stone from the beginning.

Yes, we need to be flexible during the transition to virtual learning, but don’t forget to set clear boundaries and rules. Kids love structure and it will give them a sense of normalcy while adapting to the unknown.

3. Lighting can make a great difference!

4. Add a photo of your real classroom to your Zoom background.

The kids will love it!

5. Assign less than you think you should.

6. Keeping your own kids on a tight schedule will help you feel less overwhelmed with your own teaching schedule.

School is out, and our kids miss the daily routine. Find a way to recreate a schedule that works for everyone!

7. Flip over a tote tray to create a laptop stand!

8. Provide some fun tips to your students’ parents to make the transition to virtual learning smoother!

9. Add white noise in your zoom meetings/classes to cover up the loud music playing at your neighbors’ house, or your own kids destroying your home.

10. Adapt and shine! Take advantage of this new world by trying new things.

11. Create a teaching template on a whiteboard with a SHARPIE, so you can reuse it without erasing it. When you’re done with your lesson, write over the sharpie with an Expo marker, and it will come right off!

12. Use that chalk paint you’ve had in your closet for years and get creative on one of your walls at home!

And if you don’t have any, get some here on Amazon.

13. Make a bulletin board to display your student’s artwork to make your virtual classroom feel just like at school!

14. Use a pool noodle cut in half or a rolled-up towel to support your wrists while on the computer all day!

Casey Hughes from Stylish PE Teacher is also using a foam sit for better back support.

15. Shopping and meal planning has never been this handy (and important!)

16. Create your own disinfecting wipes with paper towels, alcohol, vinegar, dish soap, and essential oils!

17. Keep spirit week alive

18. Improvise a DIY document camera

19. Or improvise a “virtual” whiteboard recording section

20. Use Epic4Kids to create a collection for an entire week instead of assigning individual books so students can work through the books at their own pace

21. Always keep scratch paper and a sharpie or marker handy during virtual class. Some students might need you to explain or write something down.

22. Use your GBoard keyboard when typing on your Android or iOS phone to get an instant translation and make conversation easier with students’ parents who don’t speak English well.

23. Take a break and stick to it… No opening your emails, no getting a head start on some Google slides. Just a full day or even weekend of “YOU” time!

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It’s almost the weekend and I’m challenging myself to take a 24 hour break!! I did this last weekend and felt way more relaxed when my break was over. I’mchallenging you to do this too! Here’s how it works: 1. Finish the work that needs to get done. 2. Put away your computer and work stuff. This included papers and files. You may also need to turn off notifications on your phone so you aren’t tempted to keep checking things. 3. Set a time period of at least 24 hours of no work. For me it’s Friday night to noon on Sunday. You set a time frame that works for you. 4. Resist the temptation to do work for that time frame and relax and enjoy some time off. My plan this weekend will be to order out to support some local restaurants, read a book, enjoy a Young Living rally on Saturday and run some errands. We might fit in a walk or two if the weather is good. Work will always be there. Your task list will always have things on it. Take a break and enjoy time with your family and friends! We can’t do our jobs properly if we don’t take care of our own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Let’s enjoy this time and slower pace of life that we have right now ???

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24. And… don’t be too hard on yourself!

Everyone is trying to adapt to this new world, and you’re doing just fine.

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