25 School Supplies That’ll Make You Wanna Be a Kid Again

25 School Supplies That'll Make You Wanna Be a Kid Again_cover image

There are regular, plain-old school supplies, and then there are the ridiculously-cute-adorable school supplies, aka this entire list! The kind that makes you wish you were a kid again. Except today’s school supplies are not the same as when we were kids. The good news is that we are teachers, so we still have an excuse to buy all these cute school supplies for our classrooms, for student prizes, and even for ourselves!

We hope you love our list! And just so you know, some of these are Amazon affiliate links. In case you give in to your “must-have” desires, we may get a small commission, and you’ll be helping a couple fellow teachers pay the bills.

1.  Meet the pencil-monsters… Adorable pencil cases with a clever zipper design that brings them to life!

See the price HERE.

2. Cat pens… because what’s cuter than a cat!

Cartoon Bedroom Eyes Cat Gel Ink Pen Rollerball PensSee the price HERE.

3. Paper clips just made a fashion statement! Give your boring stacks of papers some style!

Cute Printing Style Metal Binder Clips:Paper ClipsSee the price HERE.

4. Gotta have this is “toast-ally” awesome Notester! Toast-shaped sticky notes, a pencil sharpener, and a magnetic surface for holding paperclips. But that’s not it… pull out a pad of toast-notes and you got yourself an iPhone dock with a hole in the bottom to hook up your charger!

Notester Blue - Toaster Design Sticky Notes & Sharpener Desk Accessory
See the price HERE.

5. Stars and smiley face stickers are cool, but donut stickers are SWEET!

Donut Stickers

See the price HERE.

6. Looks like a nice plant for your desk right? Even better… they’re pens!

Grass Blade Leaf Ballpoint Pen

See the price HERE.

7. If there was ever a pair of earbuds made for teachers, “hear” they are! adorable school supplies bored teachers 3

See the price HERE.

8. Why have a regular stapler when you can have an adorable panda securing your papers together!

Cute Panda Mini Desktop Stapler
See the price HERE.

9. This Happy Meal erases all your writing mistakes on top of making you feel hungry!

Japanese Eraser Set - Fast Food
See the price HERE.

10. The ultimate pencil case for the super-prepared student, or teacher! 😉 High Capacity Pencil Case

See the price HERE.

11. Someone took whiteout tape and put cute little pictures on them. Perfect for scrapbooking and decorating notebook pages!

Decorative Correction Tape for Scrapbooking

See the price HERE.

12. Stay classy with this designer nail polish USB key!

Nail Polish Bottle Shaped 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

See the price HERE.

13.  OK, owls are pretty cute, too! And these ones sharpen your pencils!

Cartoon Animal Owl Pattern Double Holes Pencil Sharpeners

See the price HERE.

14. These puppy pencil cases are sure to be a huge hit with the kids!

pencil bag dog toys

See the price HERE.

15. Every little boy’s DREAM pen. (Confession: I kind of want a couple, too!)

Cool Racing Car Shape Personalized Promotional Ballpoint Pens
See the price HERE.

16. Speak the language of your students, emoji stickers let you be the cool teacher when grading papers!

See the price HERE.

17.  Mmmmm, how delicious… I mean how cute do these dessert erasers look!     See the price HERE.

18. They’re not only shaped like crayons, these erasers come in 36 colors!

crayon-shaped eraser
See the price HERE.

19. These colorful mini bowling pins transform into pens. It’s only missing a round eraser bowling ball to become the ultimate classroom distraction!

See the price HERE.

20. For the kid that always wants to draw on the chalkboard! 🙂

See the price HERE.

21. Love these leather-bound, colorful diary notebooks for keeping personal notes.

Mini Smiley Diary Notebook Journal with PU leather caseSee the price HERE.

22. Another cute collection for your desktop – Lolly pop pens!

Novelty Candy Color Lollipops Decor Gel Ink Pen

See the price HERE.

23. The ultimate sticky note kit helps you organize your paper mess and leave colorful reminders all over!

Sticky Note and Page Marker Box Set

See the price HERE.

24. Those cardboard-wrapper eraser bricks from when we were kids are out. These super cute erasers are IN!

adorable school supplies bored teachers 13

See the price HERE.

25. Who said highlighters could only be markers! Check out these highlighter pens!

See the price HERE.

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