33 Awesome Teacher Nail Art Ideas To Try ASAP!

Is there a better way to start your summer break than with a fresh manicure? We’ve put together an extensive list of all the most amazing teacher nail art out there. Whether school-themed, book-themed, math-themed, or chemistry-themed, these creative teachers have taken their nail game to a whole new level! So pick your next teacher nails and remind the rest of the world that you’re a teacher on summer break.

Your fresh new nails will look great holding one of these hilarious teacher wine glasses all summer break long!

1. Because Ticonderoga…

2. Can you say school supplies?!

3. The Period Table of “Nail-ements”

4. Crayola claws!

5. Rock those square roots!

6. Straight nailing the teacher nail art game!

7. Make it pop!

8. Make it match your classroom theme!

9. Gotta love those crayons!

10. Matte and glossy combo

11. Book theme nails… Like these Hungry Caterpillar nails!

12. Apples and looseleaf

13. Reading is life!

nail art reading "Just one more chapter" and "read" _33 Awesome Teacher Nail Art Ideas To Try ASAP!
Via: @nbnailart

14. Math teacher FOR LIFE!

15. Keep the chapters coming!

16. Can’t borrow these pencils!

pink and yellow and black pencil nail art design  _33 Awesome Teacher Nail Art Ideas To Try ASAP!
Via: @thysnails

17. Neon teacher nails!

18. Summer break nails!

19. Geography teacher nails?

19. Straight A nails

20. Vacation on the mind!

21. History teacher nails

22. Elementary teacher nails

23. Crayola-inpired!

24. Learning about the solar system

solar system nails with planets, starts, earth etc.
Via: @mani.tees

25. Chalkboard nails

26. Don’t worry, “BEE” happy

27. Teachers would really do anything to get their students to learn!

Via: @_jxxmiee

28. Polish your journey through space

29. Chemistry nails

30. Rainbows & numeracy!

31. An apple for the teacher

32. Math love

33. Back to school nails

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