How Teachers Can Use Bitmojis to Add Pop Culture to Their Classrooms

The Bitmoji app allows users to create their own personal cartoon avatar. The avatar can be customized in every way, including hair and eye color, face shape, and height and weight. Users can even dress their avatar in different outfits, and new outfits are incorporated seasonally (such as costumes for Halloween and beach attire for the summer). This cartoon character can then be incorporated into an ever-growing array of digital “stickers” or emojis that can be sent to enhance messages in virtually any messaging or social media app. The stickers also update according to the current season – right now, holiday Bitmojis are in full swing.

Many students, especially older students, use Bitmojis already because they integrate so well with social media apps.

And now, recognizing that the digital avatars can be a link between generations, teachers at both the elementary and secondary levels are finding all sorts of ways to incorporate Bitmojis into their classrooms to add an element of fun and pop culture.

Interested in hopping on board with the Bitmoji trend? Here are some ways creative teachers are using Bitmojis in their classrooms.

Feedback stickers


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Digital stickers can easily become actual stickers with the help of a printer and sticker paper. Bitmojis can be downloaded as photos to your phone’s camera roll and then opened in any photo-editing app. All sorts of Bitmojis come with positive messages attached – “high five!” or “you rock.” Some seem custom-made for teachers, such as the Bitmoji holding up a piece of homework with “nice work!” and an A+ written on it. Once printed, these stickers can be added to graded assignments for a bit of positive encouragement.

Motivational posters


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Since Bitmoji stickers can be resized as you desire, they can be incorporated into classroom décor such as posters. One Bitmoji sticker even features the ubiquitous “hang in there” cat from the original motivational poster.

To teach rules and procedures


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Since Bitmoji stickers are available for nearly any imaginable circumstance, some clever teachers are incorporating them into teaching rules and procedures. The stickers can be added to a slideshow presentation or individual posters can be printed out for each rule with corresponding Bitmojis adorning the rule itself.

Response cards


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Response cards are a quick dipstick test for any classroom. After a lesson, the teacher asks the students how they feel about the new concept – thumbs up or “yes” indicates clear understanding, and a “no” or thumbs down means more instruction and practice is needed. You guessed it – there are Bitmojis for all of these options that can be printed on cardstock and even laminated if desired.

Classroom labels


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Many classrooms feature banners or signs on, near, or above doors with the teacher’s name, room number, and class schedule. Bitmojis can be used to immediately set the tone of a classroom before a student has even entered. Inside the classroom, labels can be used for turn-in baskets, bins, or any totes used to organize the room.

Greeting cards


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Bitmojis work great for teachers who want to design their own greeting cards. Digital holiday stickers mean teachers can easily create seasonal holiday cards. There is a wide range of “thank you” stickers, too, so thank you notes would also be an option.



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There are tons of Bitmojis that incorporate reading with your teacher avatar. These make it easy to have bookmarks on hand in your classroom, as needed.

Classroom décor


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Bitmojis can be turned into decals or vinyl stickers that can be used on windows and doors to give students a quick glimpse into their teacher’s personality.

Student awards


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At the end of a unit or at the end of the year, Bitmojis can be used to make awards that recognize your students for their achievements – there are Bitmojis that lend themselves to awards like “MVP” and “most improved,” among others.

Teach allusions


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On occasion, a Bitmoji pops up that is an allusion, or a sly reference to a famous piece of art or culture. Showing students these Bitmojis and discussing their significance makes for a quick and fun mini-lesson.


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