45 Amazing Classroom Doors To Welcome Your Kids Back To School

45 Amazing Classroom Doors

If the fire marshall gives you the green light, one of the best ways to make your classroom welcoming on the first day, and every day of school, is with a fun classroom door. Check out these 45 creative ideas for some inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Remind your students how important they are.

When you enter this classroom_Bored Teachers

Via: Lessons With Laughter

2. Inspire them to read, read, read!

Classroom doors 2_ Bored TEachers

Via: Glitter and Glue 4K – 2

3. Encourage them to be ambitious.

Classroom Doors 3_Bored Teachers

Via: Kickin’ It With Class

4. Remember to be your BEST SELF.

Classroom Doors 4_Bored Teachers

Via: Kickin’ It With Class

5. This classroom only breeds Superheroes!

Classroom Door 5_ Bored Teachers

Via: One Creative Mommy


5. Today’s readers are tomorrow’s LEADERS!

Classroom Doors31_Bored Teachers

Via: Missing Tooth Grins

7. Moving on up to the FOURTH Grade!

Classroom Doors 7_BoredTeachers

Via: Clickypix

8. ReadBox – Taking books to a whole new level!

Classroom Doors8_Bored Teachers

Via: Clickypix

9. Enter this classroom through the whale’s mouth!

Classroom Door9_Bored Teachers

Via: Educacioilestic

10. ATTENTION: Kids at Work!

Classroom Doors10_Bored Teachers

Via: Crafty Morning

11. Make each day your Masterpiece!

Classroom Doors11_Bored Teachers

Via: Kickin’ It with Class

12. Enter the a-MAZE-ing Pac Man world!

Classroom Doors12_Bored Teachers

Via: Heidi Songs

13. Hop right in!

Classroom Doors 13_Bored Teachers

Via: Educacioilestic

14. Insta classroom – where memories happen!

Classroom Doors14_Bored Teachers

Via: Sew Woodsy

15. This door is cute as a button!

Cute as a button

Via: Pinterest

16. Music is who I am – express yourself!

Classroom Doors16_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

17. The Dr. Seuss-inspired classroom door.

Classroom Decor17_Bored Teachers

Via: Allwomenstalk

18. Ladybugs are good luck!

Classroom Door18_BoredTeachers

Via: Learning English – ESL

19. Hold your breath & dive into 3rd grade!

Classroom Doors19_Bored Teachers

Via: Sailing Into Second

20. Set your goals high – Reach for the Stars!

Classroom Doors20_Bored Teachers

Via: Second Grade Thrills

21. The motivational VERBAL door!

Classroom Doors 21_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

22. Lego Block Door

Classroom Doors22_Bored Teachers

Via: Kleispiration

23. Because who doesn’t love s’mores!

Classroom Doors24_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

24. Remind your kids that kindness is cool!

Classroom Doors24_Bored Teachers

Via: Especially Education

25. Under the ocean exploration.

Classroom Doors25_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

26. Dr. Seuss-ful!

Classroom Doors26_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

27. Yes you can – one student at a time!

Classroom Doors27_Bored Teachers

Via: MPM School Supplies

28. Spring fever is in the air!

Classroom Doors28_Bored Teachers

Via: My Classroom Ideas

29. The tree of life – fun DIY project!

Classroom Doors29_Bored Teachers

Via: My Classroom Ideas

30. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

Classroom Doors30_Bored Teachers

Via: Teaching in the tropics

31. Lift Each Other Up!

Classroom Doors6_Bored Teachers

Via: Clutter-Free Classroom


32. The super cool kid classroom.

Classroom Doors32_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

33. Sharp as a bunch of pencils!

Classroom Doors33_BoredTeachers

Via: Indulgy

34. Hopefully, they don’t all jump around like popcorn popping in the microwave!

Classroom Doors34_Bored Teachers

Via: Ms Fleming’s Second Grade

35. Your tribe is your hive!

Classroom Doors35_Bored Teachers

Via: Imagenes Educativa

36. The Road to Success passes through here!

Classroom Doors36_Bored Teachers

Via: Media Shorecrest

37. Just like flowers in the rain – when we learn, we grow!

Classroom Doors37_Bored Teachers

Via: Imagenes Educativas

38. In this classroom, we do BIG things!

Classroom Doors38_Bored Teachers

Via: Imagenes Educativas

39. Who wouldn’t want to go to class here!

Classroom Doors39_Bored Teachers

Via: Clickypix

40. Look who’s hanging out in 1st grade?

Classroom Doors40_Bored Teachers

Via: Imagenes Educativas

41. O-FISH-ally in 1st Grade!

Classroom Doors41-Bored Teachers

Via: The Cole Train

42. An apple a day…

Classroom Doors42_Bored Teachers

Via: Pinterest

43. Welcome to the loving nest.

Classroom Doors43_Bored Teachers

Via: Imagenes Educativas

44. Step in and let the Adventures Begin!

Classroom Doors44_Bored Teachers

Via: Simply Home

45. Because there’s little SUPER in all of us!

Classroom Doors45_Bored Teachers

Via: Kickin’ It With Class

Have you decorated your own classroom door? Send in your photos for a chance to be featured!

classroom doors_featured image_Bored Teachers

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