18 Thanksgiving Door Decoration Ideas for Your Classroom

Halloween is a wrap, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Time to change up the classroom decor and get it ready for the next holiday! So, upon popular demand after our Fall Season Classroom Doors article, we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest Thanksgiving-themed doors for all the teachers out there, making their way through the tough month of November until the big Turkey Feast. Enjoy, and let us know which doors are your favorites in the comments!

1. The Thankful Tree

Via: Pinterest

2. Minion Pilgrims

Via: Pinterest

3. Enter with a Thankful Heart

Via: pinterest

4. Scooby Doo the Pilgrim

Scooby Doo the pilgrim. "Rut roh! Where'd da Turkeys go?" Will do the Turkeys in disguise project. Thanksgiving Classroom door.

Via: Pinterest

5. Gather Here with Grateful Hearts

Gather here with Grateful hearts Minions door

Via: Pinterest

6. Pilgrim Pete the Cat

Pilgrim Pete the cat door decoration

Via: Leah Smith

7. Don’t Be a Turkey, Count Your Blessings!

Turkey on door "Don't be a turkey! Count your blessings"

Via: Alecia Marsh

8. One Colorful Turkey!

Via: Preschool Wonders

9. Gobble + Gobble = Gobble, Gobble

"gobble+gobble = gobble gobble" blue door with turkey. Feathers are colorful children shape hands

Via: Teaching with a mountain view

10. We Are Thankful Pilgrim Hats!

We are thankful pilgrim hats with each student's notes

Via: Life in First Grade

11. For These Children, We Are Thankful!

Colorful turkey "For these children we are thankful"

Via: Crafts Pilots

12. Keep Calm and Gobble On!

"Keep calm and gobble on" turkey door

Via: Katie’s crochet goodies

13. Be Kind, Be Genuine, Be Thankful

Be kind, be genuine, be thankful door with Fall falling leaves

Via: Danielle Knight

14. Give Thanks!

"Give thanks" Little baby turkey

Via: Cathleene De Guzman

15. Thankful for you!

"Thankful for you" door. Turkey with colorful feathers. Each feather has a student's name on

Via: Pinterest

16. Pilgrim Minions are Thankful!

Pilgrim minions on and around door. "A minion reasons to be thankful"

Via: Pinterest

17. We Are Grateful For Our Veterans

"We are grateful for our veterans" turkey with blue white and red feathers in kids' hands shape

Via: Pinterest

18. And here’s the Simple & Cheap, Last-Minute Way to make a cute Thanksgiving Door…

Simple turkey door. Brown craft paper , 2 paper plates for eyes, orange paper for beak

Via: Hooty’s Homeroom

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