8 Super Fun Pi Day Activities to Do With Kids

8 Super Fun Pi Day Activities to Do With Kids

March 14 is affectionately known as Pi Day. This is because the date matches the first three digits of Pi (3/14 = 3.14). Don’t skip celebrating (with pie if possible) just because it falls on a weekend!

Fun Pi Day activities:

1. Create a “Pi City” Using Graph Paper.

Using the number Pi, fill-in the blocks according to each numeral.

  • Start with “3”: make your building three blocks high. 
  • Then “1”: fill in one block.
  • “4”: fill-in 4 blocks.
  • Keep going until you get to the end of the graph paper.

Check out the tutorial below for more details.

2. Make a Pi Bracelet or Necklace.

There are two ways to do this activity:

OPTION A – As shown below, the student chooses any color s/he’d like and uses as many beads as needed to match the Pi digits.

Make a Pi Bracelet or NecklaceVia: Momgineer

OPTION B – As shown below, assign a different digit to each bead color, and make a color-coded pi bracelet or necklace.

color-coded pi bracelet or necklaceVia: Imagination Soup

3. Have your students find out the secret of Pi…

Did you know 3.14 actually spells PIE when reflected in a mirror! Mind = Blown!

3.14 actually spells PIE when reflected in a mirrorVia: Pinterest

4. Have students memorize as many digits of Pi as they can.

The one with the most digits gets first choice of a slice of actual PIE!

Piece of pumpkin Pie with pi symbol on it

5. Make a Pi paper chain!

Use a different color paper for each digit of the number Pi and make colorful art to hang around your classroom.

6. Organize a Pi Day Scavenger Hunt

Pi Day Scavenger Hunt instructions

Download the full scavenger hunt printable here: Shari Beck

7. Have a Pi Sudoku Party:

Pi SudokuDownload this sudoku at Brainfreezepuzzles.

Rules: This pie has 12 wedges. Fill in the grid so that the numbers 1-12 appear exactly once in each region of the pie. There are three types of regions in this pie, each containing 12 cells. They are:

  • Each of the six rings going all the way around the pie;
  • Each of the six pairs of opposite wedges;
  • Each of the six adjacent pairs of wedges of the same color.

8. Try This Pi Day String Art Activity

All you’ll need for this cute activity is a paper plate, some paint, and some colored yarn. Using the Pi digits, create a string art pattern, and voilà!

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