12 Genius Hacks From Teachers on Instagram Adapting to Virtual Teaching

13 Genius Hacks From Teachers on Instagram Adapting to Virtual Teaching

As thousands of teachers are making the transition to virtual classrooms this week, here are some of the most clever hacks we’ve seen so far. Don’t forget to bookmark this and keep checking back. We’ll keep adding more as we find them!

1. Make a DIY standing desk

We, teachers, are so used to being up on our feet all day, it can feel weird on our bodies to suddenly be sitting for hours at a time. Well, as many of us miss being able to work while standing, there are some pretty easy ways to get back on your feet! This clever teacher is using an ironing board for his keyboard and mouse, and boxes to adjust to the right proper height.

2. Use a laundry basket, a wire crate or a cooling rack to hack a doc cam!

  1. Start Zoom on your laptop
  2. Elevate your phone with something sturdy
  3. Join Zoom from phone
  4. Use your phone footage as your whiteboard

3. No whiteboard? Hop in the tub and put those bathroom walls to use!

4. Create your own green screen by hanging a sheet or a curtain. Then add whatever background you want!

5. Zoom hack:

Via: Big Sky Library

6. Print out Zoom or Google Meet rules ahead of time, and make sure each of your students has read them

The Last Minute Teacher has made these available on her TPT for free, go check it out.

7. Use your NOTES on your iPhone or iPad as an actual scanner!

Yes, if you own an iPhone or an iPad, you have a mobile scanner! If you are scanning work to your students or to your kids’ teachers, simply open your Note App > Open a new note > Press the camera button > Press “scan document” > then email it directly from your phone! Who knew?

8. Keep your own kids busy with a fun learning game while you teach!

9. Create a phone holder out of an empty toilet paper roll and 4 push pins!

Check out Easy Peasy Creative for the full tutorial.

10. Take control back of your screen on Zoom!

“If you give students remote control of your screen during a Zoom Lesson.meeting, you can press CTRL + SHIFT + G to regain control of your screen!”

11. Some teachers are upping their games from printables to digital flashcard games!

12. Another document camera option that proves yet again that teachers are the most resourceful humans on earth!

And beware… your students will have some tricky hacks of their own!

12 Genius Hacks From Teachers on Instagram Adapting to Virtual Teaching

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