10 Hacks Guaranteed to Make Your Classroom Supplies Last Longer

10 Hacks Guaranteed to Have Your Supplies Last Longer

With all the money we spend out of our own pockets on supplies for our classrooms, we’ll take anything that might give them a longer life span! Here are 10 ideas that do just that.

1. Cut your notebooks in half!

Genius… How did we not think of that before? Use different colored tape to differentiate them if students own more than one.

2. Revive a dried-out sharpie with perfume…

Save Sharpies and kill classroom odors, 2-for-1! SCORE!

3. Cut your erasers in smaller ones…

Simple yet brilliant. Cut each in 4, and they’ll last 4 times longer than they usually do!

4. Number the glue sticks and caps with the same number, or color-code them!

And say goodbye to lost gluestick caps!

5. Color-code Dollar Tree facial pads to whiteboard markers for each group

This is an old trick that always works wonders. Assign a color to a group and they’ll be responsible for their color-coded markers & erasers. The kids actually love the responsibility and you’ll be sure not to lose a whiteboard marker ever again.

6. Save your tissues, and avoid germs spreading with this hack…

7. Keep your plants watered over the break with this simple hack…

8. Use Bandaids to temporarily fix a shoe with holes…

Yup, you read that right… We’ve all had a bad day when we realized our shoes were completely destroyed and had to figure something out on the spot. Well, here it is, use a bandaid to fix up your shoes, and you’ll be surprised at how well they hold up!

9. Wrap a rubber band or a hair tie on your hand sanitizer bottle to conserve…

10 Hacks Guaranteed to Make Your Classroom Supplies Last Longer

Via: A Turn to Learn

Avoid the mess and make sure your hand sanitizers are not gone in a day. Especially right now when all stores have run out!

10. Swap Sharpie caps to ensure your favorite black one doesn’t go missing!

Because no one wants a yellow Sharpie! ?

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10 Hacks Guaranteed to Make Your Classroom Supplies Last Longer

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