15 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Classes Fun & Engaging

15 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Classes Awesome_cover image

The number of ideas for decorating your classroom, staying organized, and jazzing up your lesson plans is ENDLESS. We put together a list of some of the coolest products, sure to make your teacher life easier in so many ways!

We hope you love our list! By the way, Bored Teachers may get a small share of the sales made through the affiliate links on this page. We try our best to only recommend useful stuff that all teachers love!

1. These magnetic pointers that spin on the whiteboard are an AWESOME way to turn a boring lesson into an engaging and interactive success!

Magnetic Whiteboard Spinners_ make classes awesome

See the price HERE.

2. This cute wall-decal map with animals from around the world. Perfect wall decoration for any teacher of younger kids!

Animal World Map Wall Decals_make classes awesome

See the price HERE.

3. The teacher apple that actually serves an important purpose – a post-it note dispenser. YES!!!

Post-it Pop-up Notes Dispenser for 3 in x 3 in Notes, Apple Shaped Dispenser_make classes awesome

See the price HERE.

4. A chalkboard decal that can be stuck to and removed from any wall, table, floor, book, counter, cabinet, desk… you name it!

Chalkboard Wall Decal

See the price HERE.

6. Keep these convenient “school passes” by the door for each time you give a student permission to leave your classroom!

School Hall Passes

See the price HERE.

7. A dry-erase map of the world. Great for teaching science, history, and geography!

Kids World Dry Erase Map Decal Wall Decals

See the price HERE.

8. A stylish globe decal that can be stuck on and peeled off easily every year, no matter which grade you teach each year!

This Star Wars loving teacher making his mark in the yearbook...

See the price HERE.

9. Set of 24 mini whiteboards with erasers and markers that can be used for all kinds of FUN classroom activities!

Dry Erase Lapboard Class Pack

See the price HERE.

10. Look like a true scholar with this old-style, leather-bound book laptop case. I love this!

old-style, leather-bound book laptop case

See the price HERE.

11. Spice up your lessons with some fun games using these gameshow-style buzzers that each make different noises!

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

See the price HERE.

12. Fun assorted color pointers for getting your students to identify and locate different things on the board. Great tool for all kinds of grammar, lexis, and phonics exercises!

assorted color pointers for the white board.

See the price HERE.

13. Splitting kids into groups just got a lot easier!

Student Grouping Pencils

See the price HERE.

14. De-clutter your desk and organize your mess with these wall-mounted, assorted color folders.

Cascading Wall Organizer

See the price HERE.

15.  An adorable and complete classroom rules chart that will remind your students of the most important stuff!

classroom rules chart

See the price HERE

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