15 Perfect Products For Every Teachers Classroom

Upon popular request, we have put together another list of awesome products that would make life a lot easier in the classroom, and that any teacher would love!

We hope you love our list! And just so you know, some of these are Amazon affiliate links. In case you give in to your “must-have” desires, we may get a small commission, and you’ll be helping a couple fellow teachers pay the bills.

1. Wanna show a video to your class on your tablet, but the sound is too low? Simply hook this around the speaker and problem solved!

iPad sound bender amazon

See the price HERE.

2.  Don’t have a tablet or a projector? Here’s a cheap way to magnify your smartphone when you want to show the class something quickly. It acts like a phone projector, magnifying the screen of your phone 2 to 4 times the size! When you’re done, it folds up and fits in the sleeve of any bag.

mobile phone screen amplifier

See the price HERE.

3. If you’re a teacher, you must love sticky notes, and who doesn’t love donuts! Put them together and you get these adorable donut sticky notepads!

donut sticky notepads

See the price HERE.

4. Speaking of delicious treats, how cute are these macaron, donut, and waffle cone erasers? Kindergarten teachers beware of students mistaking them for real deserts!

macaron, donut, and waffle cone erasers

See the price HERE.

5. Meet the most indestructible iPhone charger/”keychain”. It’s childproof, pet proof, waterproof, and even chain-saw proof (although probably not recommended to try). Nothing can break it!

iphone charger key ringSee the price HERE.

6. Wanna give the kids some time to draw, but sick of wasting so much paper? Try this roll-out chalkboard that wipes off easily, and save some trees!

roll-out chalkboard

See the price HERE.

7. The perfect addition to your desk, a cute (and quiet) wheelie bin pencil sharpener. No more loud disruptions!

wheelie bin pencil sharpener

See the price HERE.

8. Teaching requires a lot of caffeine, but we don’t have the time or money to just run out and grab one in between periods. So keep a mini espresso maker in your desk drawer and have an Italian-style espresso shot whenever you need one. Just add hot water, pump, and sip away!

mini espresso maker

See the price HERE.

9. If you teach little kids, these mini monster scented markers will fit perfectly in your classroom!

mini monster scented markers

See the price HERE.

10. The future is here! Anything you write in this notebook can be saved to your smartphone. But that’s not the coolest part… When you want to clean the slate, just pop it in the microwave and everything on the pages will be erased. How cool is that!

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

See the price HERE.

11. Organize your endless piles of papers with these teacher clips!

teacher paper clips

See the price HERE.

12. If you’re a history buff, or just want your kids to think you have the coolest classroom, upgrade your bulletin board with these epic medieval weapon pushpins!

medieval weapon pushpinsSee the price HERE.

13. Impress your students with a globe of the world suspended in thin air! It could even spark a conversation and teach a lesson about gravity and magnetic forces. 😉

Floating Globe with LED Lights C Shape Magnetic Levitation

See the price HERE.

14. With the limited size of most of our classrooms, smart teachers maximize their wall space with tools like this hanging pocket organizer. Keep it under the whiteboard and stash some dry-erase markers for those times you can NEVER find one that works!

hanging pocket organizer

See the price HERE.

15. Always searching for your keys under the mountains of papers and notebooks on your desk every day? Then you’ll love this magnetic wall mount that your keys magically hang from and that curves at the top to hold your mail, movies, stickers, etc.

Magnetter Magnetic Key holder

See the price HERE.

What did we miss? Leave us a comment below to let us know, and we’ll share it next time!

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