11 Shark Tank Products Every Teacher Needs

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If you’ve never watched the show Shark Tank, then you’re missing out on seeing some brilliant entrepreneurs come up with solutions to everyday problems. Some inventions are a waste of money that you’d probably never use, but some clever tools can make life a lot easier. Here are some…

We hope you love our list! And just so you know, some of these are Amazon affiliate links. In case you give in to your “must-have” desires, we may get a small commission, and you’ll be helping a couple fellow teachers pay the bills!

1. A natural all-purpose cleaner to keep the harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products away from us and our kids!

natural all-purpose cleaner

See the price HERE.

2. You wouldn’t imagine the number of germs that accumulate on our phones, especially at school! The PhoneSoap charger uses UV light to kill 99.99% of all bacteria while charging the phone at the same time. A must-have for every teacher!

See the price HERE.

3. Since we’re usually eating on-the-go, why not make our food easy to eat on-the-go. The FunBites Food Cutter quickly cuts everything into little bite-size squares to make snacking easier!

shark tank bored teachers 3  sandwich cut with FunBites Food Cutter

See the price HERE.

4. The Monkey Mat is perfect for field trips, school sporting events, recess, or any outdoor event. It’s weighted in the corners and is attached to its compact pouch, so nothing gets lost!

  shark tank bored teachers 6 Monkey Mat

See the price HERE.

5. We spend hours at the computer writing lesson plans, grading, and inputting data each week, and our backs feel it! BetterBack is a genius posture perfecter that forces you to sit straight and takes a load of pressure off your back!

BetterBack is a genius posture perfecter

See the price HERE.

6. Whether it be from the stinky cafeteria, the school bathroom, the microwaved food in the break room, or a bad smoking habit, the Reviver dry cloth is here to save the day. Just swipe over your clothes and/or hair and smell refreshed!

Reviver dry cloth  Reviver dry cloth 2

See the price HERE.

7. Anyone who wears glasses knows what it’s like to constantly drop them or lose them when you’re not wearing them. The ReadeRest magnetic pin clips onto any shirt and not only looks nice, it’ll save you a ton in scratched & broken lenses!

ReadeRest magnetic pin clips1 .   ReadeRest magnetic pin clips2
ReadeRest magnetic pin clips3 .   ReadeRest magnetic pin clips4

See the price HERE.

8. With all the standing and walking around, we do every day, footwear is KEY! These super thin shock absorbers slip right under your regular shoe soles and protect your joints from the impact of gravity with every step you take.

shark tank bored teachers 12   shark tank bored teachers 13

See the price HERE.

9. We all commute to work in a rush every morning, most of the time eating breakfast on the way. How many times have you dropped something in between the seats while driving? Well, this simple idea solves that problem!

Drop Stop - The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler

See the price HERE.

10. All that grading and standing all day can create a lot of knots in the back. If only we had a personal masseuse, but who can afford that on a teacher’s salary!

 Q-flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool

See the price HERE.

11. Sick of eating lunch out of Tupperware every day? Well, the PlateTopper seals tight onto almost any regular plate so you can eat your meals like a normal human being. Plus, save the hassle of transferring leftovers to Tupperware you can never find the lids for anyway!


See the price HERE.

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