The 15 Coolest Sticky Notes Every Teacher Wants

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Whether you’re a Type B teacher who forgets where you put your keys 5 minutes after setting them down somewhere, or a perfectly organized Type A teacher who has everything just the way you like it, sticky notes are an essential part of your world. So why not have sticky notes that look awesome! We put together a list of the BEST sticky notes out there, to take your reminders, bookmarks, and planners to a whole new level.

We hope you love our list! And just so you know, some of these are Amazon affiliate links. In case you give in to your “must-have” desires, we may get a small commission, and you’ll be helping a couple fellow teachers pay the bills!

1. Keep it cute with some animal-shaped sticky notes.

animal-shaped sticky notes1 . animal-shaped sticky notes2

See the price HERE.

2. From textbooks to novels, to planners, these cute little house-shaped sticky notes will come to the rescue.

little house-shaped sticky notes1 . little house-shaped sticky notes2

See the price HERE.

3. Decorate your planner or your bulletin board with some silly sticky notes!

page markers bored teachers 1 . Suck UK Silly Page Markers2

See the price HERE.

4. Love these 3-D butterfly sticky notes!

3-D butterfly sticky notes . 3-D butterfly sticky notes

See the price HERE.

5. Here are the ultimate sticky notes for all you Tetris fans!

tetris sticky notes2 . tetris sticky notes2

See the price HERE.

6. Transport your reminder notes in style!

SUCK UK Transport Sticky Notes2 . SUCK UK Transport Sticky Notes2

See the price HERE.

7. Bend the fingers any way you want on these handy sticky notes.

hand sticky notes bored teachers 3   Fold Write Handy Notes Hand Shaped Sticky Notes2  Fold Write Handy Notes Hand Shaped Sticky Notes2

See the price HERE.

8. Give your planner an upgrade with these sticky page markers, big enough to write notes on and won’t easily fall off!

sticky page markers

See the price HERE.

9. Don’t wanna totally cover up what your sticky note is on, try these semi-clear post-its. Also great for scrapbooking!

transparent sticky notes bored teachers    semi-clear post-its

See the price HERE.

10. The perfect sticky notepad, so you don’t have to look all over you post-it pads. Keep them all in one place and take them with you!

perfect sticky notepad

See the price HERE.

11. Autumn is here, and the colors that come with it. Spice up your bulletin board with these Fall-leaf sticky notes!

Fall-leaf sticky notes . Fall-leaf sticky notes2

See the price HERE.

12. “Toast-it notes” with a magnetic toaster-holder to stick your paper clips onto, hold your phone while it charges, sharpen your pencils, AND make sure your sticky notes are easy to find!

magnetic toaster-holdermagnetic toaster-holdermagnetic toaster-holder

See the price HERE.

13. Go all natural with this tree stump stick notepad that looks like slices of wood.

 . tree stump stick note pad 2

See the price HERE.

14. The sticky note to stay hip with your Facebook-loving students!

Facebook thumb like sticky notes

See the price HERE.

15. Take grading to a whole new level with these transparent sticky notes!

transparent sticky notes   transparent sticky notes

See the price HERE.

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