Teacher Decorates Her Door Every Month to Promote a Positive School Spirit

Teacher creates doors each month

In case you didn’t know it yet, teachers are pretty awesome. And this teacher at Moore Elementary, Emily Reightler takes the awesomeness to a whole other level! Emily has been teaching PE for 5 years now and decorates her classroom door EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Yep, that’s right, 10 different themed doors per year.

It is a great teaching tool and conversation starter in class, because my doors are usually geared towards health and fitness!”

-Emily told Bored Teachers

Emily tries to promote health and fitness through her door decor each month, and kids, of course, are eager to see what the next door will be like. Some months, she shares some powerful messages related to specific events happening during that month. Other months she makes interactive doors, on which students get to flip objects, turn pages, touch textures, and learn fun facts related to health and fitness.

Her doors even inspired all of the staff and students at the entire school to run a kindness initiative during which every teacher decorated their door for the “No Place for Hate” program that the school has been participating in for the past few years. Students helped decorate the doors and every door in the school was displaying imagery of kindness, inclusion, diversity, and a positive school spirit & student environment.

I really enjoy making these doors each month. I love the excitement my students get when they see me creating a new door. It makes them excited to come to my class-especially when I make interactive doors. I feel these door decorations also create a warm, welcoming presence for my class. I enjoy being artistic and creative and being a Physical Education teacher, I don’t always get the opportunity to show that side of me. I hope that my students can see that you can love and do more than one activity, and you don’t have to limit yourself in following one interest or hobby. Broaden your horizons and hone all of your skills to help your whole self shine.”

-Emily told Bored Teachers

Take a look at her awesome doors. Hopefully, you’ll find one that inspires you to create your own… if the fire marshall lets you! For more ideas on classroom doors decoration, check out this article.










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Teacher Decorates Her Door Every Month to Promote a Positive School Spirit

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