Teacher Spends 70 Hours Transforming Classroom Into Magical Harry Potter Land

Harry Potter classroom_Feature image

Seventh and eighth-grade teacher at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon, Kyle Hubler spent 70 hours transforming his new classroom into a Harry Potter wonderland. And the final production is MIND BLOWING! Scroll down to check out all the photos.

"Welcome to Hogwarts" on blackboard_Brick wallsCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER

“I wanted to give my students a surprise this year and get them excited to come to class every day. Seeing their reaction made this all worth it!”

Hogwarts classroom_Brick walls, 4 houses flags hanging on ceilingCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER

I was inspired by my students. I love the seemingly endless amount of energy they have and wanted to tap into that by getting them excited to come to class and have fun learning,” Kyle told Bored Teachers.

Hogwarts classroom_bookshelf_Harry Potter hat_all Harry Potter related objectsCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Bookshelf_"Magic" book"_ "Book of spells"_Harry Potter booksCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER

It took me five weeks over the summer to put it all together in the classroom. I had been planning this since last school and purchased some supplies online before the end of the year.” he said. “Then I came in and started work at the end of July when we were having a triple digit heat wave.

Hogwarts giant flag on wall behind teacher desk_Harry Potter classroomCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Magic corner_star ceilings_blue light lampCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER

“The students were stunned at first. Some of them were in my class last year so they knew I liked Harry Potter and had done a small transformation then, but even those students had no idea how over the top I had gone and they were surprised as well. Almost every students paused for a second when they first stepped into the classroom when they saw everything for the first time.”

Harry Potter classroom_Teacher's roomCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Hogwarts classroom white desks and blue chairsCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER

“I would advise any teachers who are interested in creating a fun learning environment to plan ahead of time by drawing layouts of how you want the classroom to look and flow and also have fun with decorating. It was a lot of work for me, but I enjoyed every minute of those 70 hours because I kept thinking about my students the whole time.”

Red brick walls and door reading "Platform 9"COURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Old looking chairs with houses flagsCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Hogwarts classroom_ Houses flagsCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Quidditch sets and collector items_chess gameCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Owl cage_"Azkaban prison" bagCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Bookshelf closeup_fake candles_books_COURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
Hogwarts classroom cornerCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER
"Magical Congress USA" flag hanging on brick wallsCOURTESY OF KYLE HUBLER

Since posting the photos on Facebook, they have gotten almost 10k likes and 18k shares!

Harry Potter classroom_featured image_Bored Teachers

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