15 Genius Ways to Use Wireless Doorbells in Your Classroom

15 Genius Ways to Use Wireless Doorbells in Your Classroom

Teachers are masters at turning unconventional items into classroom tools. Classroom doorbells are catching on as cool trick to quickly get the attention of noisy students. Yes, doorbells! Wireless doorbells are small, reasonably priced, have multiple sound options, and come in a variety of colors. Here are some ways to incorporate them into your classroom management routines.

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What are wireless doorbells?

Wireless doorbells are extremely portable and you need one for your classroom! You plug the receiver into a power outlet and you’re ready to go. The volume is adjustable and some models have a selection of over 50 sounds. They typically come with long-lasting batteries (three years in some!) and are often waterproof. They cost around $20 and sets with multiple doorbell buzzers are available.

We recommend this popular option that comes in 10 different colors, and that all teachers love!

Cool ways to use classroom doorbells:

1. Have unique signals for different activities. 

Use multiple classroom doorbells, each set to a unique sound to alert the class it’s time for a specific activity.  Clean up, recess, and line up can all have their own unique sounds.

2. It’s time to transition!

Let students know it’s time to wrap up what they’re doing and move on to the next task with the push of a button. 

3. Quickly quiet the class.

Keep your wireless remote on hand to let students know you want quiet. It’s an easier solution than walking across the room to flip the light switch.

4. Use remote doorbells as gameshow buzzers.

Pick up a pack of multiple buzzers to use for trivia. Students can “buzz in” to answer instead of shouting it out.

Get these doorbells here!

5. Instruct visitors to ring the doorbell.

Classroom doorbells can be used in the most traditional doorbell-way: to announce visitors. Stick one outside of your door with a note asking visitors to give it a ring before entering. Answering the door can be a classroom job for one of your students!

6. Assign someone “ring leader.”

Assign a student the honor of “ring leader.” This classroom job handles ringing the doorbell when it’s time to perform tasks like cleaning up or lining up. These multiple color doorbells are a great option for this idea.

7. Keep conferences on track.

Stick one outside your classroom door (double-sided velcro tape works great) on conference night with a sign instructing parents to ring when they arrive. Knowing the next appointment is waiting will help keep the schedule on track.

This SadoTech model also comes in black!

8. Allow students to ring the bell in triumph!

Hang a wireless doorbell from the ceiling set to a triumphant sound. Allow students to ring it in victory when they complete specified tasks, such as logging 100 minutes of reading or memorizing a section of the periodic table.

9. Use as a tool in a special education classroom.

Classroom doorbells are great tools for special educators. The duration and volume of the chime can be adjusted to best fit the needs of your group. They are great for gently helping students transition to new activities. They can also be used by students to alert the teacher when they need assistance.

10. Use as an attention grabber.

Teach your class to stop what they’re doing, quiet down, and look to you for the next instructions when the doorbell chimes. If they become immune to the sound (like they have the sound of your voice), switch to a new one to grab their attention.

11. Stand out from the crowd.

Use your remote to stand out for your students when picking them up from activities where other classes are also present. They are easy to attach to a lanyard to have with you when you pick students up from lunch, recess, or morning assembly.

12. Leave a remote doorbell with your sub plans.

Make life easier for your sub by leaving her a doorbell with instructions. Inform your class subs will know how to use it and you expect them to respond appropriately.

13. Remind students of meetings without embarrassment.

Notify students it’s time to go to speech, the math group down the hall, or to the nurse to take their medication unobtrusively by ringing the doorbell with a sound reserved for that student or group of students.

14. Personalize it!

Most classroom doorbells fit perfectly in the hand sanitizer cases meant to clip on backpacks. Let your personality shine!

15. Leverage it as a reward!

Do a drawing for a student to pick the “attention grabber” sound each month. Determine the requirements to enter the drawing, such as turned in all homework assignments. Even middle and high schoolers get excited about this type of reward, which yields a tiny bit of power.

Ready to jump on the Classroom Doorbell Wagon? Teachers are loving this SadoTech model!

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15 Genius Ways to Use Wireless Doorbells in Your Classroom

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