16 Teacher Hacks to Control the Cell Phone Madness in Class

Cell Phone jails cover

One of the most common distractions in school is the cell phone. With the Snapchat generation, social media, and all the games & apps available on a smartphone, kids are glued to these things. As if trying to get a teenager’s attention wasn’t hard enough, already! Now, we’re competing with the high-tech tools of distraction, and it’s not an easy battle. So here is a list of some ideas you can use to control the cell phone madness in your classroom. May the force be with you!

1. DIY “Cell Block”

Cell Block see through jar Find out how to make it here: PatCatan’s

2. British Red PhoneBooth cubbies – for the crafty teachers out there!

red telephone shelf with compartments for each phone Via: Pinterest

3. Harry Potter-style Phone Prison

Shoe organizer transformed on phone jail, on wall red background "AZKABAN"Via: Pinterest

4. The “Phone Bank” filing cabinet

Plastic bin drawers for each phoneYou can learn about this awesome “Phone Bank” here: The Stampede

5. The Distractions Box

Pink and blue bin that reads "Distractions that interrupt learningVia: Math We Can Use

6. The Cell Phone Parking Garage

7. Personal Zip-Pouch Cell Phone Organizers

Green Zip-pouch attached to each deskVia: Pinterest

8. “Cell Phone Day Care + Charge Station”

Plastic shoe organizer attached on wall to use as Phone holder and charging stationVia: Pinterest

9. The American Lit Teacher’s “Cell Phone Jail”

Orange plastic bins "Teacher tool phone away? Tell me more about your troubles" "Cell phone out in class? nevermore"Via: Pinterest

10. Cell Lock-Up (with a timer) – If opened before the time is up, the alarm sounds!

High-tech jail box for phone, with alarm

via Amazon

11. Dollar Store Plastic Bin with some black duct tape & VOILÀ!

Plastic bin looking like prison cell with black duct tape Via: Pinterest

12. Duct-Tape Parking Spaces on the whiteboard

Duct-tape parking spaces at bottom at whiteboard for students to put their phones inVia: Pinterest

13. Numbered Classroom Pocket Chart for Cell Phones from Amazon

Blue and yellow Pocket chart with numbers on for phones

Buy HERE it on Amazon!

14. Thrift Shop Furniture Find!

Dresser with tiny compartments for each phoneVia: Belgian Cowboys

15. Anti-Cheat Technique – The easy & simple way!

Teacher's anti-cheat technique_Phones on blackboard with owner's name written on boardVia: Reddit

16. Roll Call made easy!

"A teacher decided that in order for his students to be marked "present", they have to put their cell phones into one of these slots at the start of classVia: CheezeBurger


"Texting during class? I love adding to my cell phone collection" meme

classroom cell phone jails_featured image_Bored Teachers

Do you have any cell phone jails that belong in this list?

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