25 Clever Ways Teachers Can Use Bitmojis to Engage Students

25 Clever Ways to Use Bitmojis to Engage Students

While teaching from home, many educators joined in on the Flat Teachers and Bitmoji Classroom trends to engage their students virtually. As we gear up for a new school year, it’s important that students feel motivated from the start! We’ve seen firsthand just how much students love to see their teachers’ Bitmojis, so how else can you incorporate them into your classroom?

These Bitmoji uses can work in school, in your home classrooms, or in your virtual Bitmoji classrooms with a little technology tweaking. Here are 22 ways to incorporate them into your students’ learning!

1. Implement attractive Bitmoji Gratitude and Worry Jars

These jars will help students transition back into school in the fall, whether that’s virtually or in person. The Gratitude Jar will give students a chance to write down what they’re thankful for, while the Worry Jar can serve as an opportunity for students to share their concerns. 

2. Use Bitmojis to encourage mental health awareness around the classroom

3. Post Bitmoji Welcome Greetings

It’s a morning routine for many teachers to stand at their doors and greet students, allowing the kids the choice in how they’re greeted. Using your teacher Bitmoji as a part of the greeting choices is fun for all and super welcoming!

4. Make a class photo

5. Foster independence with these 4 Bitmoji Bs

These 4 Bitmoji Bs remind students to use their “Brain” to activate prior knowledge, use “Bits” to locate resources in the room that will help with academics, ask a “Buddy” for help instead of initially interrupting the teacher, and ask a “Boss” (adult) for help if a Buddy wasn’t able to do so.

6. Create a Bitmoji Evaluation Station

Evaluation Stations give students a moment to reflect on their own learning. This Bitmoji display serves as an engaging reference for students when self-evaluating.

7. Make true or false Bitmoji cards for in-class review games

8. Create a Flat version of yourself to mail to your students

Flat teachers are hitting mailboxes nationwide! Find out everything about it here.

9. Make a Bitmoji visual timetable for students who need structure and predictability

10. Use Bitmoji for cleanliness reminders

11. Bitmoji Voice O’meter Display always comes in handy!

12. Up your virtual game by creating a Bitmoji classroom

Find out everything about virtual Bitmoji classrooms here.

13. Make your own Bitmoji labels to assist in organization

Print these labels and tape onto your bins, furniture, or book baskets upon return to school! Everyone at school will know who they belong to.

14. Bitmojis also make for great reminder signs!

I would try ANYTHING if it meant a higher chance of all papers having names on them.

15. Spice up your alphabet with Bitmojis!

16. Use Bitmoji Bucks for classroom management

17. Create Bitmoji postcards to send home with students that make you proud!

Positive behavior notes can be created right in a word document. You can simply paste your Bitmoji in your note then print!

18. Let other teachers and students know where the class is with this use of Bitmojis

19. Hang up your Bitmoji Behaviors Chart

20. Create a virtual Bitmoji library to inspire your kids to read

21. Display a Bitmoji Growth Mindset bulletin board

22. A combination farmhouse/bitmoji theme is brilliant for a job chart!

Discover more classroom job ideas here.

23. Motivate students to sanitize with this silly (but necessary) sanitizing bottle!

24. Reusable Bitmoji exit slips will come in handy!

By laminating your adorable Bitmoji exit slips so that they’re reusable, you end up saving paper and time!

25. Use your Bitmoji to spice up your binder covers!

Students love to see their teacher’s Bitmoji popping up around the classroom. Using Bitmoji is an easy way to motivate and engage students in their own learning. Added bonus: it looks awesome on display in the classroom too!

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25 Clever Ways Teachers Can Use Bitmojis to Engage Students

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