20 Affordable Class Rewards That Your Students Will LOVE

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Using a reward system is an effective strategy for classroom discipline, to encourage kindness and teamwork, or to get students to complete their work more quickly. Some class rewards might include extra play time, free time at the end of class to work on homework, socialize with classmates, play a game, or read a book. But physical rewards are also very effective for student motivation, incentive, and inspiration. They’re great for celebrating birthdays, holidays, or special class achievements, too. So we compiled a list of some awesome class rewards that are super fun and won’t break the teacher budget!

We hope you love our list! And just so you know, some of these are Amazon affiliate links. In case you give in to your “must-have” desires, we may get a small commission, and you’ll be helping a couple fellow teachers pay the bills.

1. Set of 25 Adorable collectible animal erasers!

Animal Collectible Set of Adorable Japanese Style Novelty Erasers
See the price HERE.

2. Cute Emoji key chains that attach to students’ book bags, pencil cases, key rings, or wherever!

Emoji Plush Keychain Mini Pillows Backpack Clips

See the price HERE.

3. Cute assortment of 20 different dessert erasers!

SWEET DESSERT FOOD CAKE Japanese Puzzle Eraser
See the price HERE.

4. An assortment of 50 rubber rings for children in all different colors and styles!
kids prizes rings bored teachers

See the price HERE.

5. Emojis are in! Mix it up with this novelty set of sticker sheets, rubber bracelets, erasers, and rubber rings!

Emoji Party Favor Toy Novelty Assortment Pack
See the price HERE.

6. Add to your eraser collection with this set of 10 sports erasers!

Assorted Sports Japanese Erasers
See the price HERE.

7. Kids love these emoji rings that light up in the dark!

Flashing Rings Emoji Icons

See the price HERE.

8. You can’t go wrong with these Marvel Avengers pencils!

Avengers Pencils
See the price HERE.

9. And these Marvel Avengers temporary tattoos!

Marvel Avengers Temporary Tattoos
See the price HERE.

10. Or some adorable Disney princess temporary tattoos!

Disney Princess Over 50 Temporary Tattoos
See the price HERE.

11. This 72-sheet pack of super cute superhero stickers is perfect for everyone!

Superhero Super Hero Colorful Sticker Sheets
See the price HERE.

12. So are these multi-colored, rubber Emoji bracelets!

See the price HERE.

13. Since the Pokemon Go game is taking over the world in popularity, you can’t go wrong with these Pokemon rubber bracelets!

Pokémon Party Supplies Silicone Wristband Bracelet

See the price HERE.

14. It’s a boat, it’s a truck, it’s a plane, NO it’s another set of awesome erasers!

Vehicle Collection (Erasers
See the price HERE.

15. Make kids feel like winners for doing good in class with these gold medals!

Gold Medal Party Game Prizes
See the price HERE.

16. Love these cute little motivational owl stickers for grading assignments!

Colorful Owl Motivators Motivational Stickers
See the price HERE.

17. This is an awesome set of 50 different stamps for marking finished worksheets, assignments, or giving away as prizes!

Novelty Assorted Stampers

See the price HERE.

18. Not many kids haven’t fallen in love with the movie Finding Dory. These stickers are a sure hit in any classroom!

Finding Dory Stickers Party Favors
See the price HERE.

19. Can’t decide on a single type? Get this set of 100 different prizes for rewarding your kids for exceptional behavior, classwork, homework, kindness, or for birthdays and/or holidays!

Toy Over 100 Pc Party Favor for Kids
See the price HERE.

20. And last but not least… Some more awesome stickers with clever puns on each!

School Pop Prize Pack Stickers

See the price HERE.

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