Educator Shows Students the Most Amazing Way to Handle Bullies

The Best Constructive Advice Teachers Can Give Students Being Bullied

Brooks Gibbs is an award-winning educator, who has given over 2,500 speeches teaching youth how to be emotionally resilient. In one of his viral videos (shown below) – How to Stop a Bully, which has received over 30 million views on Facebook, Brooks presents to students two basic principles: 

1. Don’t get upset (Emotional Resilience)
2. Treat them like a friend (The Golden Rule)

“I am different from most anti-bullying educators. Instead of teaching everyone to be nice, I teach students how to respond to kids who are not nice. This is a backdoor approach to the subject of bullying. In my opinion, it gets to the heart of the issue- curing children from becoming victims. If we victim-proof students we are more likely to bully-proof schools.” -Brooks Gibbs

Watch the full keynote speech below:


Educator Shows Students the Most Amazing Way to Handle Bullies  feature image

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