Dear Parents, Teachers Need Your Involvement & Support More Than Ever

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Dear Parents,

Educating the future of the world is hard work. Neither parenting nor teaching is an easy job, especially when both parties are not on the same page. School should never be a battleground between parents and teachers because when it comes down to it, we’re all on the same team. We all want the same thing: for these children to become successful adults. So parents, here are some helpful ways we can all make this school year easier for everyone.

Be a parent, not a friend

Being a parent is no small task. Your children look to you for everything, including guidance and support. Kids need someone to be in charge and let them know what the rules are. In short, they need parents to be, well, parents. They’re counting on you to show them what’s right and wrong. Teach them to take responsibility for their actions. Educate them about values and accountability. When they get in trouble, let them learn their lesson. Don’t make excuses for them or allow them to make excuses for themselves. It does more harm than you might imagine. Those valuable experiences as children prepare them not only for our classrooms but for the rest of their lives.

Teach your kids to appreciate & respect teachers

Classrooms are built around respect. Respect for teachers, respect for other students and respect for one’s self. Unfortunately, respect in today’s world is becoming as rare as chalkboards and overhead projectors. It’s a life skill that we could all use a little help with, and one that is crucial for kids to learn at a young age. Children need to show respect for their teachers, every day. And the only way they will is if you do, too. Kids don’t learn from people they don’t respect so without it, teachers can really be put behind the 8-ball.

Have our back

Without trust, we have nothing. Teachers don’t grow on trees. Education is a profession that requires years of training, schooling, practice, and application. We know what we’re doing. We spend hours creating different ways to teach our lessons so that every student understands. We craft our days so that the entire class is engaged, whether they’re ahead of the curve or behind it. We do all this because we want each and every child to succeed. That’s why it’s so important for you, dear parents, to support teachers when your child acts up in class or makes excuses for missed work. Hold them accountable for their actions and trust us… we always have your children’s best interests at heart. We’re on the same team, and teammates have each other’s backs!


Let’s communicate

Communication is everything. There’s a magical thing that takes place when your child realizes their parents and teachers talk to each other. “Nothing” will no longer be the answer you hear when asking them what they did in school today. More importantly, your kids realize that everyone is on their side and working together to help them succeed. The stronger the bond between teachers and parents, the better off everyone is in the long run.

There are so many ways nowadays for teachers and parents to stay in sync. Free apps like ClassTag are built to make it easy for us to communicate, schedule, and share what’s going on in class and/or at home. You get a front-row seat to your children’s education and can stay in the loop about upcoming due dates, homework, exam days, projects, and school events.

ClassTag is a totally FREE app that makes it easy for teachers and parents to keep the communication open!

Put your kids to bed!

It’s no secret that sleep plays an essential role in the way children learn every day. Recent surveys show that the majority of school-aged children aren’t getting the sleep they need, and a lot of that centers around the Almighty Electronics. Hours spent playing video games or on their phones are hours not being spent on sleep. Plus, that bright light coming from those screens can actually prevent children from falling asleep at night.

Lack of sleep can weaken immune systems, cause children to lose focus and effect their behavior patterns. Sleep time is when the brain resets and balances its chemical levels, allowing you to start the day fresh and ready to go. Without the right amount of sleep, your child might start the day unbalanced and unfocused turning them into zombie children that aimlessly wander from class to class… and zombie children are very hard to teach.

Let them know you care

At the end of the day, being a parent comes down to always being in your child’s corner. Being a child today isn’t a walk in the park and kids need someone by their side when times get tough. At times when they fail, they need you to tell them it’s OK, and that failing is how we learn and improve. At times when they fall, they need you to show them how to get back up and never give up. And when they achieve great accomplishments, they need you to show them how proud you are.

If you teach them to celebrate the proud moments and learn from their failures, you’ve given them a mighty good head start. Combine that with a supportive teacher and together, we’ll watch them move mountains.

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