Teacher Putting Pedals Under Desks Has Shocking Results

Teacher Putting Pedals Under Desks Has Shocking Results cover image

At Martin Middle School in Wake County, North Carolina, an 8th-grade math teacher, Bethany Lambeth, has come up with a unique, new idea to solve 3 problems at once! Her idea decreases fidgeting amongst her students, increases their actual learning performance, AND improves their overall physical fitness. We all know how important the issue of obesity is in America! She has placed bike pedals under each student’s desk in her classroom. According to WRAL, she claims the outcome has been astonishing.

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“Before, they were drumming on their desks, they were touching other people. They don’t do that anymore,” Lambeth told WRAL. “[The kids] are not picking on each other, they are not needing to walk around, they are not needing to go explore. They are able to get their activity out and get their work done.”

Fortunately for Mrs. Lambeth, a private donation to the school was used to fund the pedals in her classroom. They are made by a company called DeskCycle and cost about $160 each. NOT CHEAP! However, with students focusing better in class, the investment seems to be worth every penny.

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According to BBC, the pedals have shown such successful results, that the school is planning on trying to get them in more of their classrooms.

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Now, other schools around the country are buying into the idea that “Students who move more, learn better!”

Check out this video of another school in Arlington, Virginia, where desk pedals, standing desks, and ball chairs have been implemented into the classroom:

What do you think? Should schools everywhere follow suit? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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