Top 16 #TeacherHacks on Twitter That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Top 16 #TeacherHacks on Twitter That'll Make Your Life Easier

Anything that adds some convenience to a hectic day in the classroom is a winner in our book! Check out how these awesome teachers made #teacherlife a little easier with some clever classroom hacks…

1. Organize students’ supplies with a shoe organizer, genius!

2. Magazine racks and pen pots

3. Pool noodles for the win!

4. Use address labels to stick empowering messages on your pencils

5. Organize your papers to take home

6. Hack for not having to repeat the instructions 1 billion times? Yes, please!

7. Quick grading hack…

8. Check the “mistake paints” at Lowes or Home Depot for cheaper options!

9. Use coffee stands for organizing your playdough

10. Flexible seating attendance hack

11. Use the back of your tie to hide your favorite flair pen or expo marker!

12. Use hangers to hang all your anchor charts

13. Use shoe organizers to tidy pretty much anything in the classroom or at home!

14. Hedbandz for classroom management

15. Never lose your keys again

16. Practice vocabulary with Tupperware & mini erasers

Check these other hacks out:

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