30 Teacher Cartoons That’ll Have You Laughing & Crying at the Same Time

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Marcus Owen was a full-time school teacher for 20 years before finally fulfilling his dream to pursue a career as an artist. His funny and sadly true teacher cartoons will have you laughing out loud and crying inside. Check out our collection of favorites below. To see more follow his Facebook page, check out his website, or buy his book!

1. Parents during any school break.

Enjoying your holiday? I'm stuck at home looking after my kids and it's hard work! Teacher: Well I normally look after 30 children, you myst appreciate why I need this break.

2. When admin comes in the break room.

Admin: Did I just hear you laughing? Break-time is not for actually relaxing!

3. ‘Tis the season…

Adin: I need your moderated, end of half-term assessments, your completed behavior chart tick-sheets and all annotated exercise books for each child by end of today, and smiles out, it's Christmas!

4. Truth…

Teacher contemplating wall of wet paint drying. Caption "It was a choice of watching this or attending a staff meeting..."

5. Hoops to jump through

"I've got a delivery for the headteacher from the Department of Education" "Hoops to jump through" truck

6. Pain in the ass observations

Teacher: Not another observation? You were only here a week or 2 ago! Admin: But I have to check you haven't become a bad teacher since then.

7. Story of our lives.

"I'll prob read a book or something when I get in" teacher at home : "BRING ME WINE!"

8. And it just started…

Teacher crawling in desert to a sign saying "end of term"

9. Welcome to Pressure Mountain

Teacher facing mountain pressure "SATs, Staff meetings, bullying, workload, paperwork, fake target poor resources fatigue, pointless innovations"

10. Those parents…

mom with kid "I'm exhausted, I've had my own child for over a week now. It's too difficult to keep him interested. It's time he was back in class with 29 other children. I don't know why these teachers need so many holidays!

11. The statistics factory

Welcome to the statistics factory : School "2A 4B 3C 3B Sa"

12. Seriously…

Look at that! slopping off at 4! And what exactly do you think he's going to do when he gets home?" Teacher leaving with bags full of papers

13. Thanks, mum…

Kid ill, injured with IV "No, really. Mom says I'm fine to come back to school now"

14. Training days.

"Hones training days" admin: "As well as these slides, you will find a dull print-out on your desks. I will ask you to ignore it, as I slowly read each page to you, like you're idiots"

15. Sad reality…

Creating homogeneous, compliant teachers, petrified to challenge authority or question what they're told... created homogeneous, compliant children, petrified to challenge authority or question what here're told... etc

16. So sick of it!

Another lesson observation? No thanks! Not because I have anything to hide. Just because I know what I'm doing and I'm sick of proving it!

17. Straight ‘A’ student…

When Holly first came to school, she just wanted to be able to write a full sentence. Since then she has been taught all about synonyms and metaphors, subordinate clauses, determiners, active voice and parentheses. This didn't help her write a full sentence but it made sure she passed a test.

18. Kids are gross

Kid sneezing on teacher desk "Ah... That's why I'm always ill!"

19. But leave my kid alone!

Well as parents we want the school to have firm discipline with strict guidelines for behavior and strong punishments. For other people's children.

20. It’s always the teacher’s fault…

"My son is being cyber-bullied on Facebook. I demand to know what this school is going to do about it." Mom to teacher

21. Don’t be like Willy.

This is Willy. Willy has no sympathy for teachers. Willy has never trailed as a teacher. Willy has never worked in education. Willy doesn't like teachers complaining about their job. Willy is a twit. Don't be like Willy.

22. Now sit down and get outta’ ma’ face.

"If you know the best way to teach why aren't you teaching?" Teacher to admin

23. Funny but not funny…at all.

"What do you mean you have plans after work? you need to show more commitment!" admin to teacher

24. Staff meetings…

2 hours in the staff meeting... "And that concludes my list of the additional duties you have to perform." huge list

25. There was a time…

"Nous sommes les très miserables" Teacher on floor grading papers26. Not us, unfortunately…

Who knows what you can actually do in class? your Teachers" "Who really decides what and how you are taught? Somebody else."27. Caught in the middle…

#heartunions Big dig "government" trying to eat small dog "school_ tough little dog in between "Back off!"28. Admin requirements…

Mr Figcrack was just interviewed for the job of child inspector of schools. However, knowing ALMOST nothing about schools made him way OVER qualified29. “Be a teacher,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said…

Be a teacher! A career to last you until your sixties! Pay that won't be hard to keep track of! No need for a social life or family...30. The struggle is real.

"HOME TIME" teacher collapsing on floor as soon as walking home

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