38 Snarky Comics That Capture Teacher Life in 2019

Award-winning, critically acclaimed cartoon artist Dan Piraro, who describes himself as: “If Salvador Dali, Garry Trudeau, and Oscar Wilde had an illegitimate child,” has nailed it with these 40 teacher-related comics that we can all sit back and laugh at. Check out his awesome site and shop for more relatable comics.

1. My favorite student… to have absent

"In my 23 year of teaching, your son is my favorite student to have absent" Parent-Teacher conference
Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

2. Admin expectations

"My new students' test scores are great, but the principal thinks I should be getting more likes and retweets." teachers talkingProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

3. Students’ names

"Kake... Cody... Dakota... Angus... Kit... Sundance... Coot... Palomino... One Eye... Unjun Joe... Loco Pete..." Teacher raking attendanceProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

4. Dark truth

"And now I'd like each of you to tell me what you would have liked to be when you grow up, had your predecessors not doomed you to a catastrophic wasteland" Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

5. Language of a Text Message

These new textbooks should help - "The complete works of Shakespeare, written in the Language of a Text message."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

6. Relativity…

"Your son's math skills are at an 11th-grade level. But most 11th graders' math skills these days are at a 3rd-grade level, so it balances out." PTMProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

7. Good guess

"Who can tell me what a homophone is? Two words that sound straight but are actually gay?"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

8. If only teachers could be this honest…

"I wouldn't worry about his grades. I'm sure when you were his age you were just as stupid as he is."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

9. PG-13

"The human body is a miracle of nature - except for a few small areas that could destroy society if exhibited or discussed in public." (image of human body with breast and sex blacked out)Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

10. Things just got real.

"I've taken the liberty of reporting your son to the FBI as a possible "Enemy combatant."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

11. Lesson plan of the future…

"It's time for our tapmanship lesson. Everyone get out your smart-phone and open your texting app."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

12. What makes you say that?

"We suspect your son has been dabbling in black magic" teacher that is a duck with gorilla legsProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

13. Snowman humor

Kids and teachers are snowmen "Mrs Roth? Michael is doing it again (student using magnifying glass to melt classmate)Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

14. Once upon a time…

Student in library "My history teacher assigned us to go somewhere historical."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

15. One passionate history teacher…

"Remember to bring your pitchforks as we finish our segment on the French Revolution by storming the principal's office and taking over the school" teacher to studentsProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

16. Smart aleck

You said "Write what you know", so I wrote a story about a guy who knows he can't write, writing a story about what he knows"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

17. Classroom management…

Teacher showing leaking brain on her chair "Well then, if the culprit won't confess, we'll just have a little pop quiz - THAT should tell us pretty quickly whose this isProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

18. T-bonics

Student: If "I' is a pronoun, what is "you"? Teacher" I is the teacherProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

19. Bullying policy

"I don't care if he is full of candy, we don't tolerate bullying at this school"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

20. Full of baloney!

"My dog ate my homework. But to be fair, I probably shouldn't have written it on slices of baloney"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

21. Even beauty school teachers are strict

"Your thesis was insightful and well-written, but I felt you should have delved deeper into the global impact of false eyelashes. B-"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

22. That’s a new one…

Student: "My god ate my homework" Teacher: "Are you dyslexic" Student: "No but I belong to a really weird religion"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

23. School ever since 9/11…

"Everyone get yourHomeland-Security-Alert-Level_Orange crayon and draw a terrorist hiding somewhere in your house"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

24. Creepy…

Student offering apple on a beheaded headProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

25. Real talk…

Before smartphones people did not walk around gazing into mirrors and shouting our their every thought and activity"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

26. Bad dog…

"I supposed you're going to tell me your dog ate your homework again." "And this time I was holding it" -kid missing an armProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

27. Pessimism 101

"The job fair's next week, so start thinking about your dreams and ambitions & what you'll settle for after your souls have been crushed"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

28. Helicopter teaching

"Show some understanding, you know Josh suffers from Compassion Deficit Disorder"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

29. Caught red-handed

"According to several other parents, your son was up at 5 a.m. this morning tweeting insults about his classmates."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

30. Criminal acts…

Police man bringing kid peanut to his dad peanut "He was trying to go to school again and some kids have allergies"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

31. Teacher-parents…

Man in street with sign "PLEASE HELP can only afford basic cable, American cars, public schools"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

32. Meanwhile, down in Florida…

"Science projects due today" kid carrying crocodile "My homework ate my dog"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

33. English teachers will appreciate this one…

msn and woman at a bar Man:" Outside? Under? To? Around? Over?" Woman: "Are you trying to preposition me?"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

34. And this one…

customers ordering at restaurant: "I'll have the English Major's Breakfast - eggs over easily"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

35. And this one…

"Orange juice concentrate" bottle. Man concentrating looking at glass "Lenny always treats 'concentrate' as a verb"Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

36. And this one!

Conjugal visit Woman to prisoner: "I kiss, you kiss, she kisses" on black boardProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

37. Education is important.

At church priest during wedding " And now, having each recited the vows they have written themselves, we all realize the importance of education."Provided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop

38. Meeting “that” kid’s parents.

"Your son has been a JOY to have in class because when he's not he's outside vandalizing our cars" PTMProvided by Bizarro.com | Bizarro Shop


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