15 Comics That Are Spot On With Teaching

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Primary school teacher/artist from Galway, Ireland, Colm Coffe creates a weekly comic strip that tells the life of a teacher. It’s called “When’s it Hometime?” and it’s scary how accurate it is with the daily trials and tribulations of a teacher. It just goes to show, that the teacher struggle is universal around the world!

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1. Copy machine wars

the one thing you don't learn in teacher training college - how to fix a photocopier - comic

2. Christmas carols

teacher sining christmas song "naughty or nice" - student raises hand "Teacher, am I nice?" - comic

3. School Christmas Play

The 8 stages of the School Christmas Play - Script writing, assining roles, gathering costumes and props, set design, rehearsal one: too loud, rehearsal two: no loud enough, dress rehearsal: just right!, showtime: "teacher, I need to go toilet" - comic

4. Santa’s Birthday

Teacher: "so, does anyone know what we celebrate at Christmas?" Student: "Santa's birthday"

5. Sneeze

Teacher practicing rhyming vowel sounds with student - students sneezes all over teacher - comic

6. Tattletale

2 students approach teacher: "teacher he shouted in my face" "no I didn't" "yes you did" repeat back and forth 10 times - comic

7. Halloween to Christmas transition

Day before Midterm break - Student: "Teacher d'ya wanna know what I'm dressing up as for Halloween?" First day back: "Teacher? D'ya wanna know what I'm getting for Christmas?" - comic

8. Trick-or-Treat

ding dong- "Trick or treat" "Hi teacher, wait you live here? I thought you lived in school!" - comic

9. Important question

Teacher: so that's all there is to know about 2-D shapes. Anyone have any questions" - Student: "It's my sisters birthday in 2 days" - comic

10. The struggle is real.

Lunchtime every single day - "Teacher can you open my frube?" - same kid - Teacher: "Give it a go" kid opens and splatters all over teacher - comic

11. The Pen

kids: "Teacher, teacher teacher!" Teacher: "what is it?" kids:"Ryan's using a pen!" - comic

12. Teacher efforts

images of teacher making big effort to teach every subject in fun way - mom: what did you do in school today Liam? - Kid: "Nothin'" - comic

13. Job talk

comic - Teacher: "Does anyone know what jod they'd like to have when they're older?" - Kid: "Do you have a job?"

14. Teacher’s name

comic - The moment a child feels he's outsmarted his teacher: Kid: "Teacher? I know your real name!"

15. Back to School Countdown

comic - back to school countdown for teachers on their summer holidays - A visual guide - Bliss, relaxation, contentment, sudden awareness of impending routine, desperation, anxiety, despair, denial, sudden urge to book a flight, the FEAR

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