The After-Winter Break Plan: Back to School We Go

The After-Winter Break Plan: Back to School We Go cover image

As the new year rolls around

And I return to school,

I think about the restful weeks

In which I was refueled.

I woke without alarms,

I watched my Netflix shows,

I stayed in my pajamas

And covered up in throws.

I also think about the kids

Who spent the holiday

Hoping for a present

From Santa in his sleigh.

And when the presents never came,

And Santa flew on by,

They went to bed with hunger pangs

And slept with teary eyes.

So, with those students on my mind,

I wake and dress and pray.

I might be the only one

To brighten up their day.

I will greet them in my room

And smile and hug them tight.

And in my classroom, 8 to 3,

Their world will be alright.

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