As Online Learning Winds Down for the Year

As Online Learning Winds Down for the Year

At the beginning of Remote Learning, Online Learning, Wizardry, or whatever you want to call what we did the latter half of the year, we were motivated and working long, tiring hours trying to figure this thing out. We explored technology, created lessons, and recreated the wheel. Now, as more and more of our students stop showing up, I am curious to know if you are clocking 6-8 hours like we are told to track or working 2-4 and calling it a day. Be honest. I am curious what everyone is doing.

  1. How many of you are still logging 8 hours a day?

    1. Yes, I am working my butt off
    2. No, I definitely am not
    3. Other
    8 votes
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My name is Lauren, and I was born in New Jersey, grew up in West Virginia, went to college in Pennsylvania, and now live and work in North Carolina. I'm a high school teacher of the deaf and hard-of-hearing by day, a cross country coach by the afternoon, a writer by night, and a mom to an amazing toddler boy full time. I love my faith, running, watching baseball, chocolate, scrapbooking, pretending I would actually do well on the Amazing Race, re-watching The Office, listening to Bobby Bones, inspiring young minds, and as of recently moming it! 

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