Bigger Goals: A Teacher’s Poem

Bigger Goals: A Teacher's Poem

Little Penny Perfect

Always makes straight A’s,

She sits up front no matter what

And seeks the teacher’s praise.

Little Sammy Struggle

Sits in the very back,

His mind begins to wander

Due to skills that he may lack.

Mrs. Brand-New-Teacher

Sees them both (and all the rest),

She knows that children learn

When the goal is not a test.

So, she helps Penny Perfect

To focus on real skills

And to learn authentically

Not excel at practice drills.

And she helps Sammy Struggle

Recognize that learning’s more

Than memorizing facts

That to him are such a bore.

And all the other children

In that teacher’s class

Learn and grow and think

And not just merely pass.

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Kathy Mansfield

Kathy is a retired Kentucky educator who spent 27 years as a school librarian, middle school social studies teacher and state department of education consultant. She currently writes children's books and inspirational books. Find her resources and blog at www.andapoem.com.

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