If We Were in School: A Poem to My Students

If We Were in School: A Poem to My Students

If we were in school, I’d give you a hug good morning,
And welcome you to our room.
I’d remind you to bring in your planner and put your lunch in the bin.

If we were in school, I would teach you how to write a poem.
How to use your nicest handwriting and find words that rhyme.
We would take a walk and find inspiration in nature.
Then use watercolors to create illustrations.

If we were in school, we would find the area of rectangles.
Take our rulers to find lengths and widths around the room.
We would measure books, desks, and rugs.

If we were in school, I’d remind you to put your name on your paper.
I’d tell you to please use an inside voice, and
No, it isn’t time for snack yet.

If we were in school, I would help you with your problems.
Hold your hand and brush away your tears.
We would figure out how to solve problems.
I could help you have a better day.

If we were in school, I would tell you how proud I am of you
Celebrate your successes and (hopefully) inspire you to grow.
I would encourage you when you struggle and help you up when you fall.

If we were in school, I wouldn’t miss you so much.
We’d laugh a little longer, smile a little bigger, and hug a little harder.
I would see how excited you are when something finally clicks.

If we were in school, you could hear the excitement in my voice.
I wouldn’t have to express myself through emails and bitmojis,
Just to tell you how much I appreciate your positive attitude and hard work.

If we were in school, I’d tell you how much I love you
And what an honor it has been to be your teacher this year

-TG, April 2020

If We Were in School.... a Poem to My Students

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