7 Instagram Accounts That Will Save Teachers in 2018

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For students, it’s like nailing jelly to a wall:

Wha-a-at? You, teachers, know about Instagram? Wait… You even know how to post and follow others there, rly?

Go figure, magic as it is!

Yeah, we teachers have got the magic behind this social network: inspiration, creative ideas for the classroom, funny facts from teachers’ daily routine, motivational quotes, and useful stuff to survive the school year – that’s what we find on Instagram to celebrate our profession. With Christmas around the corner and hundreds of tasks to complete by the end of 2017, we need inspiration and strength more than ever, to deal with the chaos.

These seven Instagram accounts might just save you from looking like this in the new year…

Oh my god I need help gif_girl in front of computer

1. College Essay Guy (@collegeessayguy)

Maintained by Ethan Sawyer, a college essay expert, this account is about what most Internet users love: motivational quotes, philosophical questions about self-presence in this brave new world, and inspirational words of wisdom to encourage us all in a teaching journey. It’s worth noting that College Essay Guy shares tips on academic writing as well, so his account might be a great teaching resource to consider for your classroom.

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

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2. Teaching Humor (@teachinghumor)

There are times when humor is the only medicine to save educators from work avalanche. Why not visit the Instagram account where fellows share funny memes and images to brighten up your crazy days? Reposts from other top-notch accounts as well as own content to make you smile – fun guaranteed!

3. Classroom Pinspirations (@classroompinspirations)

One of the most creative teaching accounts ever: instruments, awesome stuff, and great ideas to consider for your lessons so they would be unforgettable for students (no matter how old they are). This Instagram account might become your perfect stay in the moments of desperation (let’s be honest, we all experience it from time to time) and communication gap with mentees.

We see you working hard and doing all the things teachers! Anything else to add to this wonderful list by @teachersthings? We wear so many hats! #classroompinspirations

A post shared by Classroom Pinspirations (@classroompinspirations) on

4. Inspire Teachers (@inspire_teachers)

This account name says it all. Here you’ll find a mix of inspiring quotes and stories about teaching, as well as some funny memes illustrating daily life in the classroom. This account is sure to bring a daily smile to your face, and remind you of all the positive reasons you chose this profession!

5. Target Teachers (@targetteachers)

Hey, don’t say you haven’t heard of Target! But even if so, it’s not a reason to ignore this beautiful account, maintained by two educators who share teaching ideas, resources, and items to use in the classroom. If you are a teacher who keeps up with the times, supports modern education techs and techniques, and wants to surprise his students in a new year, you will follow Target Teachers Instagram account right away.

Who else should be sponsored by @Target besides @whattheteacherwants!?

A post shared by Target Teachers Michelle&Hadar (@targetteachers) on

6. Teachers Pay Teachers (@teacherspayteachers)

In need of creative ideas and new educational resources? Here they go: an open marketplace on Instagram for teachers to get inspired, smile, and find instruments that would help to introduce new teaching techniques to students. What’s so special about this Instagram account is that it gives an opportunity for you to sell your teaching stuff and resources. Hooray! Or no?

7. Bored Teachers (@bored_teachers)

Yeah, you know this one; otherwise, you wouldn’t read this post, would you? But just in case you still don’t follow Bored Teachers, here’s the deal:

We, teachers, have the best job in the world. We create talents and grow future leaders. But we are humans, after all. (I bet you hear that song in your head now!) With all ups and downs, we love what we do; so, no one can ban us from making fun of that (and how we do that!) This Instagram account is your funny yet as relevant as ever guide to teachers life, with its all problems and solutions.

Share your favorite Instagram accounts in the comments! We can always use more inspiration, teaching humor, and awesome resources!

This article was written by Lesley Vos — a private French language teacher for high school students in Chicago. A savvy web writer, she also contributes publications on education, career, and self-development. Check more of her work here and on Twitter.




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