“Out in That World” – A Teacher Parody

Just as I was about to return to the classroom after medical leave, the school closures were enacted, and my already rough mental health has plummeted: feeling like my kids/year were stolen from me, knowing I won’t get to do all the special end-of-year fun activities with the class, and really struggling with my only relationships with my kids happening through buffering screens.

During spring break, with our reprieve from online meetings and emails ad nauseam, I made this silly video as a joke for my friends/coworkers who are feeling just as disconnected as a sort of creative quarantine (quarantative?) outlet, and I thought I’d share it here on BoredTeachers.com too for any teachers who might enjoy a little silliness in this remote teaching insanity. ??‍♀️??

Out in that World

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Who would have thought introversion could beat

The pandemic sweeping the world,

The world thats in...quarantine?

Look at this trove, treasures I’ve scored

How many wonders can one person hoard?

Lookin' around here you'd think

Sure, she's got everything

I've got hand sanitizer aplenty

I've got toilet paper galore

You want bottles of wine? I HAD twenty...

But who cares?

No big deal

I want more...

I wanna be where the people aren’t

I wanna see them at social distance

Staying apart at least 6 (what’s that word again?)

Oh, feet!

Staying inside you don’t get too far

But no pants required for online conference 

calls where you mute yourself to—

What do I do all day?—eat!

Out where I’m not,

Out where it’s fun,

But where there’s high risk of contagion

One day you’ll see

We will be free

Out in that world

What would I give if I could live out of these quarters?

What would I pay to spend a day without cancelled plans?

Netflix is slammed, they understand

While we our all wash our hands with water

Soap that’s bubbling, sick of scrubbing,

Our dried out hands

I'm ready to know why some people go

Out when they shouldn’t and get some answers like:

What's so dire and why do they want to watch the world burn?

When will they learn?

Sure, we’d all love,

Love to explore outside without gloves!

One day you’ll see

We’ll be COVID free

Out in that world

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