9 Creative Ways to Repurpose All of Those Teacher Coffee Mugs

9 Creative Ways to Repurpose All of Those Teacher Coffee Mugs cover image

If you’re a teacher who loves coffee, then your students and friends have most likely given you quite a few mugs as gifts over the years. Some might be plain mugs, while others may have something funny written on it. However, you probably don’t need all of them. Aside from your favorite, beautiful and sleek mug and one or two backups, you’re probably reluctant to sip coffee from any other.

But instead of having them stashed in the cupboard, you can transform them into something completely different. Here are 9 fantastic ways to repurpose your teacher coffee mugs.

Use them to Plant Herbs

 Creative Cain Cabin

If you have several mugs that you can spare, then you can easily start your own herb garden. Not only will they be the perfect size for any herbs you wish to plant, but they’re also sturdy enough to keep the herbs upright. Simply clean the mugs and place some potting soil at the bottom of them. Put in the herbs and place the coffee mugs on the windowsill.

Use them as Piggy Banks

If you never know where to put your spare change, simply place it in a mug. The great thing about this is that a lot of coins can fit into one mug and you’ll always know where your change is when you need it. If you want, you can even sort different coins into mugs.

Use Them to Make Mug Cakes


Yummy Tummy Arthi

Sometimes, you may get a huge craving for a delicious dessert, but you simply can’t bother with baking a whole cake. In these situations, it’s a good idea to make a mug cake. You can find a gazillion of recipes online, and the best thing about them is that you can prepare most of them in a matter of minutes. Mug cakes will surely become your favorite desserts since they’re just as delicious as regular cakes but don’t necessitate you to spend hours in the kitchen making them.

Use them to Amplify Music

Who needs a Bluetooth speaker when you can use a coffee mug to amplify the sound of music when you play it on your phone? This life hack will help you save money and will provide you with a great way to use an old mug. In order to amplify sound using a coffee mug, simply place your smartphone inside of it. Make sure that the speaker is pointing up. By doing this, the sound will start bouncing off the walls of the coffee mug, which will give it more power and depth.

Use them to Sharpen Knives


Cup Panatter

There’s no way around it; knives will get dull sooner or later. Cutting meat and vegetables with dull knives can be a real hassle, which is why it’s a good idea to sharpen them from time to time. If you don’t have a knife sharpening stone, you can simply use a coffee mug.

To do this, the first particular thing you need to do is to make sure that the coffee mug has a rough and flat bottom. Avoid using any mugs that you drink from since you’ll make a few marks when you start sharpening knives. Once you grab the knife that needs sharpening, turn the coffee mug upside down and place it on a smooth and flat surface. It’s important to note that the surface shouldn’t be slippery since you can cut your hand if it slips while you’re sharpening the knife.

After you place the coffee mug on a flat surface, hold it with your free hand to keep it in place. Pick up the knife and place it against the rough bottom of the mug. To sharpen the blade edge, simply start sliding it back and forth against the bottom. Remember to do the same thing on the other side of the blade as well.

Turn them into Hot Chocolate Kits

If you’re running out of ideas for small presents that you like to give someone close to you just to brighten up their day, then you can use your old mugs and turn them into hot chocolate kits. This is something that will surely put a smile on the face of whoever is receiving the gift.

One great thing about presents like this is that they’re extremely easy to make. On top of that, they aren’t expensive at all. To make a hot chocolate kit, simply place a pack of the small hot chocolate sachet in the cup, add a plastic spoon, a mini flake bar, and mini marshmallows.

Use them as Dog Food Scoop

If you have a dog, then knowing already that dog food doesn’t smell so nice, which is why it’s best to scoop it with something. If you’re not sure what to use in scooping dog food, consider a coffee mug.

Use them to Portion Snacks

Instead of using a big bowl to place your snacks in, consider using coffee mugs. This will help stop you from overeating on junk food.

Use them as Soup Bowls


Wright Nissan of Wexford

If you want to eat some hot soup on a cold winter’s day while you’re on the couch and watching your favorite TV show, then you can use a coffee mug as a soup bowl and get cozy.

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