Cherishing The Shutterstock Classroom Moments

1 min

As a teacher, you have the ability to use Microsoft Powerpoint. Yesterday, I gladly opened the one I’ve been working on during my planning period called, “Demons of the Deep.” No, it’s not talking about me, even though some days in fifth grade, that is exactly who my alter ego is that day. It’s a leveled reader by Time for Kids, and knowing how my kids learn and entice them to actually sit down and read a book, I try to insert a photo found on the Web. While searching for great white sharks and vampire squids, I see Shutterstock photo ads that say, “Find your perfect photo here,” and it dawned on me. I am not a perfect teacher(I did realize this before I wrote this), nor are there perfect days, weeks, or years, but there are perfect moments. Perfect, Shutterstock moments can happen in your classroom, and they will, whether you are burnt out before Spring Break or not. The worst thing about this is that they can change from perfect to imperfect in exactly the next breath. That’s where I find myself this year. Perfect moments for almost a full day, and then there are none. Could be for a day, a week, or sometimes even a month. The reason I’m writing this is to vent about teaching because we all need to, but also to encourage you to keep going. I’m only a third year teacher, but I come from a long line of teachers. It runs through my blood. I have encouragement through my blood too. Faith. Hope for better days and better classes. Love for my kids. I know you do too. So here I am, trying to collect my Shutterstock moments.

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