If a Teacher’s Day Had a Soundtrack by Queen

teacher life as told by Queen songs

If a teacher’s day featured a soundtrack playing in the background, songs by Queen would be the perfect fit.

7:30 am – Commute – “Leaving Home Ain’t Easy”

9:00 am – Brilliant math lesson – “Breakthru”

10:00 am – Successful reading group – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

12:00 am – Lunchroom supervision – “I’m Going Slightly Mad”

1:00 pm – Planning meeting with principal – “Under Pressure”

3:00 pm – Last class – “I Want to Break Free”

3:30 pm – Faculty meeting – “Save Me”

6:00 pm – Student basketball game – “We Are the Champions”

8:00 pm – Grading papers – “It’s a Hard Life”

11:00 pm – Bedtime – “Another One Bites the Dust”

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Kathy Mansfield

Kathy is a retired Kentucky educator who spent 27 years as a school librarian, middle school social studies teacher and state department of education consultant. She currently writes children's books and inspirational books. Find her resources and blog at www.andapoem.com.

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