When Teachers Try to Eat Healthy: A 7-Day Food Journal

Day 1

Breakfast – scrambled egg burrito (made the night before); coffee with low-fat creamer and one artificial sweetener packet

Lunch – turkey roll-up, side salad and sliced fruit (made the night before); iced tea with lemon

Supper – sautéed vegetables, brown rice, grilled tilapia; water with lime

Day 2

Breakfast – breakfast burrito (from Taco Bell – didn’t have time to make one the night before); coffee from the lounge with whatever creamer and sweetener was left over

Lunch – none – spent the 20 minutes returning parent phone calls and dealing with student behavior referrals

Supper – McDonald’s drive-thru; ate while grading papers

Day 3

Breakfast – day-old coffee from teacher’s lounge, leftover donuts from PTA meeting

Lunch – stale cracker from the desk drawer; soda from the machine down the hall

Supper – Pizza delivery

Day 4

Breakfast – largest coffee available from nearest drive thru

Lunch – school cafeteria (charged to my account until payday): tater tots, corn dog, sliced peaches in syrup

Supper – Pizza delivery (again); ate while grading papers

Day 5

Breakfast – leftover pizza; large soda

Lunch – chocolate bar and soda from machine in Teacher’s Lounge

Supper – pint of vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup

Days 6 & 7


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Kathy Mansfield

Kathy is a retired Kentucky educator who spent 27 years as a school librarian, middle school social studies teacher and state department of education consultant. She currently writes children's books and inspirational books. Find her resources and blog at www.andapoem.com.

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