The Wealthy Educator: Urban Myth or Taboo Belief?

wealthy educator
The Wealthy Educator: Urban Myth or Taboo Belief?

At some point poverty and civil service became synonymous. Way back when teachers were respected members of the community. They were considered knowledgable and received as experts from families and other fields. They were invited over for dinner and given gifts. They had professional respect and satisfaction warranted for an educated professional. However, in more recent years, we have seen this take a turn. While I’m all about due process and fairness, the authority of teachers has diminished while the bond between families and schools has vanished.

We as educators struggle to maintain control over our students while also dealing with the headache of state testing and micromanagement. Where does it end? At what point do we just throw our hands up because what is happening right now isn’t working?

This is why I became an entrepreneur. I took my expertise working with children and families and learned how to maximize and monetize it. Is it because I want to be rich– of course! I know what money can do. I will often reference Ron Clark– that’s what can happen whe a great teacher becomes wealthy.

What I think people fail to realize is the same heart of a teacher who takes her 20k year salary and finds a way to buy new books, rugs, posters– and whatever else her students need. What makes anyone think this would change? Give that same teacher 6 figures– what might she do? How many more kids could she help?

As teachers, it’s not our nature to hoard. We share with our kids all of the time. We share stories and memories. We share heartfelt conversations with them about life. We express this outwardly with spending the money we don’t have on our students.

Money also buys professional freedom. Do you think anyone is micromanaging Mr. Clark? I can only imagine the brainstorming sessions they have. I could only imagine going to my principal and saying– hey, what about a slide in the hallway– and him making it happen! He sees a need and goes for it. He can cut passed the red tape and really start making an impact on these kids. He is not just changing lives– he is re-writing their destiny. His ideas are all around the country. That is what money can buy. That is what a wealthy teacher can do. We can no longer wait for a school district to pay us better. It’s not going to happen. No one in charge is going to take a pay cut so teachers can make more money.

So what can we do? Education is a billion dollar industry. Between apps, textbooks, e-learning, and curriculum– BILLIONS! Fortunately, we are in a tech age where we can make, market and sell our resources.  Beyond making products, we have the inspiration to share, books to write– we already have the monetizable skills!

Don’t ever apologize for wanting more money. We have the heart, knowledge, and wherewithal to use it for significant change.

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