You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

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So I had been teaching for 7 years. 2 years were at a different elementary school, and this was only my 4th year teaching 2nd grade. I had been entrusted with some “unique” individuals with different needs. As we know, when working with children there is never a dull moment to be had. We are generally the only adult with 15+ children and unless you’ve experienced it; it can be hard to believe.

This particular year I had 19 students. 2 students receieved SPED services. One was labeled Emotionally Disturbed and the other one was labeled with Multiple Disabilities. One day the ED student (who basically functioned as an Intellectually Deficient student, and was later given that diagnosis- but that’s a WHOLE different story) was packing up in my classroom and getting ready to head down the VERY long hallway to the ED teacher’s classroom. Despite my hesitation at not having an escort down the hallway, there he went. (We’ll call him Bob). About 15 minutes later the ED teacher calls over the intercom in my classroom asking me to please send Bob down. I responded that I had sent him 15 minutes ago, and began to panic a little inside. A few minutes later she called down to my room again to let me know that the librarian had found him in the hallway and escorted him to her classroom. Not thinking anymore of it, I finished my lesson for the day and had the rest of the class pack up and we headed home for the day.

At the end of the day a first grade teacher is panicking and asking everyone to help her find a guinea pig that had escaped her classroom. A student had brought it for show and tell and it just went missing from its’ cage! I am helping with the search when our assistant principal comes walking down the hallway with a smirk on his face. He says, “Well…we found the guinea pig.” We all got exicted and asked where it was! He looks at me and says, “Bob took it home in his pocket.” We could not believe it! Apparently Bob had seen the opportunity to snatch the guinea pig when the 1st grade class was out at recess; he corralled it into his bookbag and was in the hallway when the librarian found him and walked him to the ED classroom; the poor thing remained in his bookbag for another 30 minutes until he moved him to his pocket on the school bus! His mom called the school wanting to know why her son had a guinea pig in his pocket! Well, we did too!

What a mess! I am just grateful the poor thing survived. That will be a day I never forget.

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