18 Deals & Discounts Every Student Should Know About

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If a student wants to score lucrative deals on food, clothing, entertainments, and gadgets, all he/she needs to do is to flash the student ID. Studying in the US is an expensive affair. Period. However, as a student, one can avail dozens of exclusive discounts and attractive deals, which helps to soften the blow. Students only have to ensure that their college ID is placed firmly in their pocket or bag every day. Not only does it allow access to the college, the library and the lunch room, but it also doubles up as a discount card at shops, cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops too.

Here’s a comprehensive list of places where students can take advantage of discounts and stick to their budgets too:

Clothing Stores

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Just because there is a budget to follow, students do not have to reuse their clothes through the entire term. Many leading clothing outlets in the US offer some amazing discounts to students to help them stay trendy on a budget and save some cash.

Levi’s: No student can live without a comfortable pair of jeans and Levi’s offers a 15% student discount on the next purchase if one registers on their website.

ModCloth: It makes great sense to watch out for the 10% discount campaign that this popular vintage-clothing brand runs for students. Since these discount offers are available for a limited period, students can well spread the word around to help keep an eye on.

J. Crew: Student Alert! All they need to do is to flash the ID cards at the billing counter and a 15% discount is applied to the final bill. Feeling lazy and cannot leave the sofa? Online or phone shopping attracts a similar discount, provided one has an .edu email address.

Club Monaco: Students who want to upgrade their wardrobe or revamp it completely, after a Christmas windfall, should definitely check out this premium clothing store. A whopping discount of 20% will surely life the spirits and infuse a lot of energy in the new term.


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After long hours at the school and college, the weekend demands fun and entertainment and student discounts are applicable at theatres, concerts, bowling alleys and sporting events too. Students should check out their dedicated websites for reduced ticket rates etc.

Major League Baseball: A majority of baseball team offer student discounts for these games, although the discounts will vary from city to city. Students can experience the thrill of watching their favorite teams like Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves, to name a few.

National Hockey Leagues: Hockey fans need not despair since NHL teams to bring great discount structures for the student community. New Jersey Devils, Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins offer great student pricing at the flash of student ID.

Movie Theatres: Cinema theater chains like Cinemark and Regal Cinemas are great hotspots to catch the latest in international entertainment at discounted prices. Food and snacks are also on offer for student discount and some great deals can be availed here too.


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The following student discounts are highly-sought after and should be explored:

Greyhound: They offer the Student Advantage Discount Card that lowers fares by 20% on walk-ins and online booking to a host of destinations across the US.

Amtrak: Students should buy the Student Advantage Discount Card for 10% lower fares and travel bonus points too.

Rail Europe: Those who love travel should avail Youth Passes and get generous deals on fares across the European Continent.

Career Services

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Private Tutoring: Students can get professional tutoring for expert teachers at a lifetime discounts of 15%. All this in a digital classroom with a personalized tutor at Skooli.com.

Manual Proofreading: For manual proofreading of journals, papers, thesis and assignment help, EAH gives a whopping 80% discount to students and does a professional job of reviewing their papers for necessary corrections.

Rephrasing and Proofreading: Students can rephrase sentences and proofread sentences for every project they create with a back-to-school offer of 50% off on all plans from Ginger Software.

Resume Writing: One can avail 10% discount on each resume reviewed and modified by HR professionals at Assignmentessayhelp.com. Improving chances to do well at internships and interviews was never easier.


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Technology is all around us and has become a part of our daily life. However, their usage in schools should be forcefully restricted as done by some innovative teachers to control this cell phone madness. Students use technology to access social media, create posts and upload photographs. Using these discounts, students can save money for a rainy day.

Apple: Apple has a unique education pricing system that offers a saving of $200 if a student opts to purchase a brand new Mac or iPad. All other purchases will fetch a minimum discount of 5%. On buying a new Mac, students get a $100 credit for product purchase from the Apple store. A new phone purchase gives a $50 credit to make additional purchases.

Microsoft: There are many attractive deals for college students who can avail them at Microsoft. For students who have their eye on a Surface Pro 3, a massive saving of $194 is available while one can save 10% on accessories. Those with a technical bend of mind can get special pricing on the latest software.

Lenovo: Lenovo’s Academic Purchase Program is applicable for all students who wish to purchase desktops, laptops, and tablets. Their website lists the discounts that are available as per the school one studies at, so it is best to check the same before buying elsewhere.

Dell: If students purchase a PC that costs above $699, then they stand to receive a Dell tablet powered by Intel Atom processor absolutely free. This site offers big savings and it is recommended one browses through the student portal, Delluniversity.com for details.

author image_Bella WThis article was written by Bella Williams — an academic researcher & private tutor, Bella guides the new age professionals and students with their career. A graduate from Monash University, Bella organizes free coaching workshops and promotes free sharing of knowledge. You can also find her on LinkedIn.

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