16 Easy & Healthy Halloween Treats For Your Classroom This Year

Healthy Halloween treats_Cover

Because Halloween doesn’t have to be the most unhealthy day of the year!

1. Banana Mummies

bananas wrapped in cellophane looking like mummies_Healthy Halloween treats

Via: Pinterest

2. Apple Ninjas

Green apples with eyes looking like Ninja turtles_Healthy Halloween treats

Via: Fun Themed Party Ideas

3. Ghost Cheese Sticks

Via: Sizzling Eats

4. Tangerine Pumpkins

Peeled tangerines with piece of celery in the middle looking like pumpkins

Via: Bren Did

5. Lolly Pop Ghosts

Lolly pop looking like a ghost

Via: One Little Project

6. Apple Witches Teeth

Carved apples into teeth

Via: Bren Did

Apple and almonds make the perfect mix. Prefer to avoid nuts? Pretzel sticks will do the trick!

7. Juice Box Mummies

juice boxes transformed into mummies with toilet paper, and eyes

Via: A Three Hat Day

8. Frankenstein Fruit Cup

Green Jelly cup transformed into Frankenstein with hair, ears, eyes and drawn mouth

Via: The Melrose Family

9. Boo-Nanas!

Bananas cut in half with chocolate chips making mouth and eyes

Via: Girl Raised in the South


10. Halloween Fruit Cups

Orange fruit cups with piece of green deco on top, looking like pumpkins

Via: Eating Richly

11. Frankenstein Apples

Green apples in drawn on plastic bags_ Frnakenstain apples

Via: Non-Toy Gifts

12. If you are short on time, there’s always a sharpie.

Drawn mandarins into smiley pumpkins

Via: Apartment Therapy

13. Orange Flavor Water Bottles

Via: Pinterest

14. School Approved Frankenstein

Grapes-filled cup drawn on as Frankenstein

Via: Sparkles to Sprinkle

15. These Cute Rice Crispy Monsters

Rice crispy biscuits with color glaze and goggly eyes

Learn how to make these here: One Little Project

16. GoGo Squeeze Mummy Pouches

Via: The Nerd’s Wife

Healthy Halloween Treats_feature image Pinterest

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