• #5373

    After 20 years of service I was given the opportunity to lead. A new principal came in and after 6 months terminated my leadership and...

  • #5372

    Thank god for my administrative team. Class was going nuts and I finally reached the point I called for help. They showed up fast and...

  • #5371

    I had a student rip up the coloring sheets of four students, two were very upset because they wanted to give the picture to a...

  • #5370

    In the wacky, wonderful world of education, there are many ups and downs. There are “ah” days when you know you’ve made a connection and...

  • #5365

    Today one of my students kicked me, grunted at me and threw a cushion right at my face. So don’t tell me I don’t need...

  • #5367

    One of the Kindergarteners in my class has an affinity for rhyming. Today during math he was rhyming words with classmates names. Normally I wouldn’t...

  • #5358

    Our school was evaluated today. For the past year and a half, all teachers have been working like mad men to change the school for...

  • #5354

    It’s been rumored that my tyrant of a VP is leaving, but she wants to go out with a bang. That’s why she’s targeting me,...

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