10 Things Teachers Don’t Want to Hear at the End of the Year

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The end of the school year brings many emotions. Some include being sad to see your students leave, and others happy you don’t have to wear “real clothes” at 7 am. Those last few days are full of fun activities, keep quiet activities, and “Sure, you can play that computer game until lunch time.” Sometimes you just need a minute to get those last grades in and find that paperwork; without glue sticks hurling through the air like tiny missiles. Here are 10 things you definitely don’t want to hear while sitting at your desk.

1. A kid from across the room: “The Internet isn’t working!”

GIF - Dos Equis guy Jonathan Goldsmith shaking his head

2. Principal walking in and saying, “Hey, we need to finish that last observation, I’m just going to hang out for a couple minutes and talk to the kids.”

GIF - Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation "Good lord"

3. Kid walking in 1st thing:  “My Mom said I could bring my fidget spinner collection today since it’s the last Monday.”

GIF - Ryan Reynolds rolling eyes

4. Reading email: “Teachers we need forms A3-Z4 filled out and turned in by noon today.  Please include the summary at the end of each page.” (yet you have no idea what those are or where they are)

GIF - James Franco in The Interview "Wait...what?"

5. Over the intercom: “Teachers we will need to meet a few minutes after school Friday before you leave.”

GIF - Adelle in car "I ain't got time for that."

6. School Secretary: “This is your new student.”

GIF - Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love looking disgusted in shoe store

7. School Nutritionist: “It will be Manager’s Choice this week for lunch. Any help de-icing the boxes from the back of the freezer would be a great help.”

GIF - Real housewives female "I am not participating in this."

8. Kid: “I made this for you last night with my Mom. Will you try it now?”

GIF - Leslie Knope in PArks and Recreation eating something gross

9. Kid: “My Mom wants you to get my things together for the end of the year.  We are leaving for a cruise before school ends.”

GIF - Steven Colbert hesitating to say something and shaking head no

10. Teammate: “I’m taking a few days personal leave next week, you can help the sub keep my kids in line, right?”

GIF - Danny Devito shaking head "nope..."


10 Things Teachers Don't Want to Hear at the End of the Year feature image

Andy McCall author This article was written by Andy McCall. Andy is in his 9th year teaching and does everything to honor his little girl, Penelope, who passed last year. Check him out on his Blog or on Facebook: Penelope’s Path.

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