10 Things To Avoid Doing During Teacher Appreciation Week

After everything teachers do for our children, society, and our future, they deserve to be treated with more respect than most people like to show. So, in light of Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s all try to avoid the things that push their buttons the most. After all, it’s the month of May, people. It’s been a long school year, already. Cut them some slack!

1. Using the pencil sharpener while the instructions are being given

pencil sharpen - Bored Teachers

2. Scheduling staff meetings during prep times and/or after school

staff meetings - Bored Teachers

3. Leaving the copy machine jammed and/or out of paper

copier jam

4. Saying something like: “Oh you’re a teacher? Must be nice to have summers off and play with kids all day!”

5. Raising your hand and asking to go to the bathroom when an important question is being asked

go to the bathroom - Bored Teachers

6. Getting up and doing Fortnite dances every time the teacher turns their back.


7. Surprising them with an unannounced observation when their classroom is on the brink of a chaotic meltdown… or any other time, for that matter!

observation - Bored Teachers

8. Giving them indoor recess duty

9. Touching any of their best markers, flair pens, or other favorite school supplies

billy madison glue - Bored Teachers

10. Waking them up early in the morning on the weekend

sleep cinderella - Bored Teachers

“Is it summer yet??”

-every teacher right now

10 Things To Avoid Doing During Teacher Appreciation Week feature image

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