10 Things We’ve All Learned About Teachers These Past Few Weeks

10 Things We've All Learned About Teachers This Past Week

Teachers are a resilient breed. They’ve battled the germs, the distractions, the interruptions, the early mornings and the late nights. They’ve put up with the misbehavior, the disrespect, and the lack of support. And now, in the face of a global pandemic throwing everyone into a whirlwind, the world has realized a lot of things about teachers they didn’t know or appreciate before. Here are a few…

1. They can adapt to anything.

In a matter of days, with little instruction or guidance, teachers have transitioned to virtual teaching from home to make sure their students’ education and future don’t suffer from school closings.

2. They put our children’s health before their own.

In the middle of a pandemic spreading across the world, teachers continued to spend 8 hours a day locked in a Petri dish of a room with 30+ germ-infested children. Then when the schools closed down, rather than heading home to take care of themselves and their families, they were more worried about their students — their futures, their safety at home, and their well-being during this scary situation.

3. They deserve to be paid more. A LOT more.

Parents all over have already taken to social media to express how exhausted they are after the first few days of teaching their own 1-2 kids at home. Imagine multiplying that feeling by 30 and it’s just a taste of what teachers go through every day. The world is starting to agree, teachers need a raise!

4. When the apocalypse comes, you want them by your side. They’re experts at surviving with the bare minimum.

They’re seasoned veterans at making things work with little to no resources. Throw them in an “end of the world” situation, and they’re sure to be among the last survivors.

5. They have the patience of saints!

Anyone who’s spent a single day with a household of their own children in the past week, trying to keep them engaged, keep them seated for longer than 5 minutes without Disney+, get them to listen and do what they’re told, AND actually teach them something, surely agrees with this. Teachers deal with this every day with 100s of kids and somehow refrain from imploding.

6. We need them WAY more than we think.

If parents could pay schools to open back up right now, they would empty their wallets and savings accounts to make it happen. Without teachers, there would be no other profession… or any more wine for that matter.

7. They know how to keep their cool in very stressful situations.

All the observations, fire drills, assemblies, testing pressure, paperwork due, and constant distractions and disruptions to their daily schedules, teachers know how to keep their cool and roll with the punches. So when they’re hit with a worldwide pandemic, school closing, and quarantine, they assure their students everything is going to be OK and make the best of the situation.

8. The “teacher look” is an acquired skill that is honed through years of classroom experience.

While parents are scrambling to keep control of their kids in their roles as temporary substitute teachers, they have a newfound respect for the ability teachers have to quiet an entire classroom down with a single, silent stare.

9. They deserve a lot more respect than they get.

After reading 1-8, this one needs no description.

10. They are f’n rockstar-superhero-warrior ninjas!

Stay safe and try to get some rest, teachers. The world is going to need you at your best when this all blows over. Thanks for everything you do!

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