12 Months In the Life of a Teacher

12 Months In the Life of a Teacher_cover image

Teaching never gets easier, we just get better. It’s a profession that forces us to laugh, to cry, and to work harder than we ever thought we could. We became teachers because we want to make a difference in the world, but most of the time we’re just trying to make it through each day, each month, and each year. Our bank accounts may be empty but our hearts are full, so we teach on…


so it begins lord of the rings gif

All confident for the start of a new year, a fresh slate…

leslie knope smiling "I'm ready" gif

Unafraid, ready to take on any and every challenge…

red-head female with glasses "let the games begin" gif


Halloween is coming… time to decorate our classrooms AGAIN…

female putting up Halloween decorations in office gif

And time to sweat our a$$es off in ridiculous costumes…

two men dressed in halloween costumes gif


Thanksgiving festivities bring on more holiday activity preparations…

man dressed in pilgrim costume wiping sweat off forehead gif

But on that long Thanksgiving weekend, we eat like pigs and fall into a turkey-coma for days…

that 70s show mom " I'm gonna go to bed for a few days" gif


Back from Thanksgiving break, AND it’s already time to get in the Christmas spirit!

leslie knope dancing with christmas clothes on singing jingle bells to Ron Swanson gif

Time to get bombarded with stuff to get done before the holiday break, and have our teaching responsibilities get reduced to crowd-control…

steven colbert hiding under desk "is it over?" gif


Great, a New Year! Oh wait… that means 3 months until the next school break…(tears)

sarah michelle gellar crying gif

Just wake me up when it’s Winter Break…

April from Parks & Recreation with pillows taped around head gif


Valentine’s Day = more holiday activities…

The Office show - Meredith giving dirty look at phyllis with bouquet of roses gif

But… chocolate!

female eating heart-shaped box of chocolates on kitchen floor crying gif


Day Light Savings = one hour less of sleep… teachers’ worst nightmare!

groundhog day bill murray hitting alarm clock gif

Caffeine is about the only reason we survive each day…

man in suit drinking coffee out of coffee pot NBC mug gif


Crawling until Spring Break…

sloth crawling across the road gif

 And this is how we celebrate our Spring Break…

Disney Tiana princess and the frog laying on bed kicking alarm clock gif


The struggle is real…

Queen Lanister from Game of Thrones "What are we all still doing here?" gif

Hanging on for dear life until the end of the school year…

Ellen show female struggling on american ninja warrior obstacle course gif


PURE EXHAUSTION has settled in…

leslie knope "are we dead yet?" gif

Trying to hold it all together…

Teacher gathering herself in front of classroom in yellow outfit gif



teacher cheering, waving fists in air in classroom gif


The truth is, even when we’re on break, we’re still thinking about our classes…

Pinning classroom ideas on Pinterest…

iron man on hologram computer gif

Typing up lesson plans, curriculums, etc…

jim carrey bruce almighty typing super fast on computer gif

And spending whatever’s left in our bank accounts at the end of summer on school supplies!

tina fey getting paper clips poured on her face gif

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