12 Ways Teaching Kindergarten Is Like Being In Your Favorite Musical

12 Ways Teaching Kindergarten Is Like Being In Your Favorite Musical

Teaching kindergarten is easy… said no K5 teacher ever. We do, however, get to witness some of the most epic triumphs and stellar missteps of the early childhood education career. Not every show earns a TONY, Emmy, or Academy award, but we hold season tickets to the greatest show on earth. Here are twelve reasons teaching kindergarten is like your favorite musical.

1. When imagination is the fuel of life…

Ariel brushing hair with fork

Kindergarteners eat up every new experience, and approach the word with the wide eyes of optimism and the naiveté of a mermaid out of water… fixing up her hair with a salad fork.

2. When you announce that TODAY is finally field trip day…

Super excited gif

After sending home the permission slip, every day is a field trip day to students. “Is it today?” And when it actually arrives; minds are blown.

3. When students surpass your every hope…

Jasmine jumping from a building to another

You carefully lay out today’s lesson plan and your students soar overhead, finding their own path to success.

4. When your adult self-embraces your inner child…

Adult acting a crazy child

Words can’t express how your song and dance routine that kills for five-year-olds, looks painfully un-adult to everyone else.

5. When everyone needs to use the bathroom during groups…

Simba and Nala "Pleeeaase?"

Yes, of course, YOU can go to the bathroom…wait, why did two more people just raise their hands…

6. When everything’s better with song and dance…

Mary Poppins and companion dancing

Oh sure, we can count by fives. But we count by fives in STYLE. Jazz hands go!

7. When winter’s cold has got you down…

Dancers on stage so happy

The stretch from January to March is a marathon of endurance. And then you remember Spring Break is almost here.

8. When you’re on an academic soapbox, and they’re dreaming about the fun stuff…

Lala land scene

There’s definitely a lot more to kindergarten than lunch, recess, and playtime…so very much more! But sometimes those little minds are ready to play.

9. When you’re truly trying to understand what they were thinking…

Mary Poppins "I never explain anything"

You want to understand them–really you do. But no matter how many times they repeat the story, you’re still left bewildered and confused.

10. When you need a wish to get you through the day…

Aladin rubbing lamp, Genie appears

When it’s a full moon and a class party lands on the same day, sometimes all you can do is wish, pray, and hope that it’ll all be OK.

11. When it’s recess time…

Lady dancing in empty field

Yes, recess in kindergarten is pretty much like this every single day. They are so excited!

12. When you’ve had a tough day, there’s always tomorrow…

Little boy singing

Let’s face it, we all have days we wish were over. In Spite of challenges, shortcomings, and misgivings, we finish strong, stay positive, and know that there’s always tomorrow.

Each and every K5 day brings new accomplishments and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to the five-year-old mind. It’s our job to facilitate, coordinate and navigate our little people through a minefield of misgivings, meltdowns, and mistakes on their path to 1st grade. Let’s do our part; set the stage, grab some popcorn and a diet soda, and sing and dance all the way to the end credits.

author image_Tom DittlThis article was written by Tom Dittl — a kindergarten teacher in Shorewood, Wisconsin. He likes to combine his passions for art, technology, and learning through play to be the best teacher he possibly can. He also has a weakness for bad puns, games, and all things nerdy. Find out more about him through his website.

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