13 Ways You Can Tell Someone is a Teacher From a Mile Away

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There are few people in the world as particular as teachers. Part of being a teacher is that the job stays with you, wherever you go. I guess you could call it a “style”. You wear it around, you speak it, and you can’t get it off your mind. These are the telltale signs of a teacher.


"Ive sometimes told complete strangers to wait for the Green Man before crossing the road!"


"I always use my teacher voice randomly and everybody around just freezes."


They tell complete strangers to spit our their gum. They tell random kids to slow down when they're running through the mall. They have a spontaneous orgasm when pre-sharpened pencils or colored pencils on sale"


"I sanitize EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE I GO. Creature of habit."


"Dark circle under eyes, because they haven't rested in like 5 years."


"These are awesome. I pushed in chairs at a restaurant yesterday!"

7."Shushing people... in any random public place."

8.Telling a group of teenage boys walking by to pull their pants up.


"I have random marker colors up and down my arms and hands"


My purse fell over and post-it notes fell out. The waitress said "you must be a teacher."


"I always give my students the count of 3 for things"

12.From August through June I call random strangers "honey" and "dear"

13.My students always put stickers on me, and I just forget about them, until someone points it out, at the grocery store or at home!"

Are you a teacher? If yes, how do you stand out in public? If not, how can you tell someone is a teacher? Let us know in the comments below to be featured in a future blog post!

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